E-Postal Match: Golf

Went to the range today, and while I was there I shot the 2nd match of the E-Postal Match season, called “Golf”.

Holy crap was this hard. I only entered two guns, my EAA Bounty Hunter and my Ruger GP100, I started with the EAA. You were supposed to shoot two targets, one from a rest and one offhand. Click the links for the targets from the EAA Bounty Hunter.

This is the target from the rest

This is the offhand target

As you can see, I didn’t do quite as well as I expected. A grand total of 42 shots after penalties really killed me. The bottom most target just slaughtered me on both targets; I swear I just couldn’t hit it for the life of me.

Of course, then things started to get weird. I switched to the GP100, which is an iron sighted .357 Magnum, I’ve shot it to the point where the trigger is really smooth and crisp in DA mode.

Here’s the offhand target, which I fired first. The offhand target has a counting error, I forgot to add the +2 penalty for the two shots that hit the little water down under the right most bullseye. Instead of 21, it’s actually a 25.

Here’s the target from the rest. For whatever reason, everything came together on that target. My sights were crisp and clear; the trigger broke clean – everything about that target felt right. My total for the GP100 after penalties is 33 shots, which beats the hell out of my rimfire score.

This was a fun match; it was deceptively challenging. Those little red dots seem pretty easy to hit when you’re looking at the target at close range; then when you roll it down to 25 feet those dots are really, really small. For your personal edification, the red dots are actually smaller than the 10 ring on a 50 foot free pistol target; so if you had a high score like me you shouldn’t feel bad.

The only bad thing about this weekend was that my favorite range, Eagle Creek was closed so I couldn’t get my new red dot sight for the 10/22 sighted in. Once I do that, I’m actually going to shoot this course with a rifle at 25 yards just to see if it’s easier or harder.

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