Stand your ground

I’m link stealing from Sebastian today, although he’s stealing from Joe Huffman anyway. The gist of the question posed is that if an armed loony is plugging things, should/would you attempt to engage that person and cease their threat?

A while back, I sort of answered that question in this post, in so far as I feel that my obligation to defend my fellow citizens ends as soon as those actions put the life of my family in jeopardy. I’m a little disappointed that when I switched to Haloscan for my comments all the original comments on the site disappeared, as that post had some excellent discussion.

To reiterate my point made there, I believe that as a citizen who is not a cop or a soldier, my obligation to defend “my fellow man” doesn’t extend past my family. I agree wholeheartedly with Sebastian in that if I could secure my own area and made sure that my responsibilities were covered, only then would I take a shot if I had the opportunity.

It all goes back to the way I was raised, and by that I mean “traditionally”. I am responsible for the safety of my family, which means that I’ll take the action I deem most effective at providing the highest level of safety for that family. My in-depth research indicates that going looking for a gunfight is generally counterproductive to the my safety, and the safety of my family.

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