Walther P22 durability update

Back in March I started on a durability test of my Walther P22; I haven’t offered regular updates because there hasn’t really been anything interesting to update you on. Since I started the test, I’ve already fired 450 rounds through the Walther, the ammo being a mix of CCI Mini-mags and Aguila Sniper Sub Sonic. I’ve yet to have a failure of any type, each round has gone bang when I pressed the trigger, and the bullets have gone where I wanted them to go.

It’s almost boring, frankly. It might get interesting coming up, as I have noticed that the groups are starting to loosen up slightly when I shoot five from a rest – the internal parts are also starting to get kind of dirty from fouling. I believe that culprit of the fouling is mostly the Aguila rounds, as they run a bit dirtier than the CCI ammo.

I just ran it this weekend on a trip to the range, 150 rounds went through like crap through a goose.

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