New Shooter at the table

Well, I don’t have any pictures, however apparently one of my…liberal friends (whom we’ll call Flamingo) went shooting for the first time, taking a Winchester Model 69 .22 LR out for a run at a tin can. Finding a picture wasn’t easy, however it appears that the Winchester 69 is a magazine fed bolt action, very classic in appearance. I do love blue steel and wood on a gun.

The after action report that I received was that the enemy forces of the can suffered devastating losses, and Flamingo rather enjoyed herself. The enemy can received about 80% of the fire that was directed at it, causing massive structural damage which resulted in its ultimate disposal.

As we know, tin cans pose a dangerous threat to the Nation of Plinkers; any action reports on their destruction will be well received.

On a slightly more serious note, any time I hear about new shooters it makes me happy, it makes me especially happy in this instance because the new shooter is a friend of mine, a liberal, and a college graduate. I’ve mentioned before the need to recruit people like that into the shooting sports – this is exactly what I was talking about.

I’m quite happy right now, well done Flamingo.