Inge’s German Market & Deli

My four readers know that I live in the Indy/Metro area – what you may not know is that I’m something of a foodie. I love good food.

I recently had the opportunity to visit Inge’s German Market & Deli in Fishers, right off of 116th St. It’s a family owned German restaurant, and the food is great. We got there right before closing, however they were more than happy to serve us. The owner was there, he was quite friendly; the atmosphere was very welcoming and opening.

Inge’s has an excellent selection of German beers, as well as some pretty decent wines. According to the owner, they have a wine tasting coming up on May 18th, that should be pretty good.

The food itself was excellent. I had the Hot Pretzel Roll sandwich, and she had the Hot Bavarian sandwich. The owner also let us try their summer salad, which was a knockwurst salad with potatoes and a vaguely mustard flavored sauce. Delicious.

If you’re in the Indy Metro area and need to get your fix of german food, or just want a good Reuben sandwich, you should stop by Inge’s German Market & Deli.

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