Get out your brooms

So, I had a very productive weekend. In addition to going to the range as I detailed on Saturday, I also swept out parts of the garage. It was apparently a good weekend for sweeping, as the Red Sox broomed the Yankees *spit* right out of Fenway Park. The only thing more delicious than seeing Manny get his swing back (right in time) was watching Dice-K get his first win over the Yanks.

For some reason, even though I know it’s only April and the playoffs are miles and miles away, sweeping the Yankees in April makes me feel pretty good about the rest of the season. Of course, we have to go to the fucking Bronx and play the Yankees in their house starting on Friday, so that’ll be fun.

Not quite as much fun as watching Dice-K bean Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. That was great. Welcome to Fenway!