How much is enough?

Uncle asks an interesting question over there. The question is if you and one anti-gunner were given the opportunity to sit down and re-write all of the nations gun laws, where you would compromise? In what areas would you be willing to give a little to get a little?

So, here’s my stab at a total re-working of the federal firearms laws.

Possession, Purchase, and Carrying

The current demographic of people who are forbidden from owning firearms (mentally ill, convicted felons, dishonorable punts from the military, etc) would be maintained, however I’d establish a federal provision for non-violent felons to regain their right to own weapons. Emphasis on non-violent. In order to gain that concession, I’d be willing to accept that new manufactured guns must be shipped with a trigger lock, either external or internal as part of federal law.

The minimum age to own guns would remain the same, 18 for rifles/shotguns 21 for handguns. To purchase any sort of firearm the end user would still have to pass an NICS check. The NICS system itself would be streamlined in our modern information age with additional information on disqualifying misdemeanors – states databases would automatically uplink information to NICS on a continuous basis which (in theory) would provide more comprehensive coverage of the NICS system.

The next thing I’d pass would be nationwide reciprocity for CCW holders, which would be tricky due to the varying standards from state to state w/regards to concealed carry. The standard for a state to be included in the National Reciprocity act would be that each carry holder has to perform all of the following: A) Pass a thorough criminal & mental background check, B) take and pass a 2-day firearms course which covers everything from safe gunhandling to “shoot-no-shoot” scenarios (licensed by the state), and C) agree to take a certified shooting class every four years to maintain their permit.

Class III and NFA Weapons

I’d largely leave this untouched, it’s great political capital to “ban machine guns”, honestly this is a section I’d be willing to trade for concessions elsewhere.

Curious & Relics

Another section I’d leave alone – I’d especially try to portray C&R guns as “rifles from WWII” and “old revolvers”.

.50 Caliber rifles

This is a big one. I thought about this a lot, and I came to the conclusion that I’d be willing to see .50 cal rifles (as much as I love them) reclassified as NFA weapons, especially if it allowed me to push my national CCW reciprocity legislation through. However, the language would have to be clearly written so as to not outlaw .50 cal pistols or muzzleloaders, it would only re-class .50 BMG rifles as NFA weapons.

Assault Weapons

On principle, I’d be opposed to a ban on “scary looking guns”. It’s not something I’d be willing to trade, at the most I’d say that we could get rid of guns with bayonet lugs. Because a lot of people get bayoneted these days.

Those are the only sections that I’ve put any sort of constructive thought into, so I’ll play the cheap card and say I’d leave the rest unchanged. I would like to get rid of the ATF though.