Buy a Gun Day

Mission Accomplished, and I didn’t even have to break the budget. I went to my local Gander Mtn, and while I was overcome with my usual lust for “one of everything in every color”, I was more specifically looking for something I could both shoot with accuracy, carry sometimes, and (gasp) was semi-automatic.

I had narrowed it down to a few guns, one of which was a used Taurus PT92. The pistol was scratched all to hell, it looked like the previous owner had dragged it behind a pickup truck over a gravel road. It just looked abused, which explained the price tag of $239. Then the helpful clerk mentioned that it came with five magazines – case closed. I picked it up as well as a decent IWB holster for less than $260 overall.

When I got it home and broke it down, I discovered that the previous owner had…liberally…applied oil to all the interior parts, which caused me to launch the guide rod across the dining room when I was trying to put it and the recoil spring back in the pistol. C’est la vie.

While I’ve not fired it yet, the internals appear to be in good working order, the barrel is free of gouges in the rifling. I’m very happy with my purchase, especially because due to the somewhat janky external appearance, I won’t feel bad if I don’t baby this pistol like I do with some of my guns.

Plus, 5 15 round magazines is sure to make Nancy Pelosi cry.

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