Things at the range

Because work is super busy today; I’m going to treat you with a short post on Things you shouldn’t say (or do) at the range.

  1. Yell Allahu Ackbar while waving your new AK47 in the air. Especially if you’re standing next to a Mall Ninja.
  2. Turn around to point out what a great shot you just made…without tabling your firearm and thusly sweeping the entire range.
  3. Shoot the target carrier. On purpose. To demonstrate what a great shot you are.
  4. When shooting a Free Pistol match against the Naval Academy, you certainly shouldn’t catch your empty brass and throw it at the calf of the Navy cadet standing next to you to try and break his rhythm. Even though he tried to call an alibi on practically every string of Standard. And stepped on your toes. Dick.
  5. Write “Ex-Wife” on all your targets, at a range frequented by cops.
  6. Write “ex-husband” on your targets and shoot at the pelvic region (although that’s kinda funny).
  7. Run your mouth about what a great shot you are to the old grizzled guy there with the Colt Woodsman set up for target shooting, you’ll just end up embarrassed.
  8. Sneeze with your finger in the trigger guard of a pistol with a 0.5 lbs trigger pull.
  9. Hold your gun sideways.
  10. Shoot the target carrier on accident because you were holding your gun sideways.

I could go on and on about this, but I think I’ll let you guys have at it in the comments.

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