The MySpace Ninja returns

Stolen part and parcel from Xavier, the latest escapade of the MySpace Mall Ninja.

So I decided to enter the mall. I figured I would check it out to make sure that the local sheeple are ok as it was my duty as a sheepdog. I chamber checked my six Glocks and proceeded to leave the vehicle. I was ready for almost anything. I knew that if the need arose I could double-time it out to my truck and get my Barrett .50 up and running in case I needed to make some tactical shots at terrorists who were using cover. I also had a nice Bushmaster with all the tactical accessories in the trunk and my 870 to back that up. Don’t worry I have all my bases covered.

Go read the rest at Xavier’s.

If you don’t want to contract a disease visit MySpace, the originals can be found here, at Lonely Machines.

UPDATE: ColtCCO has restored the original MallNinja Website in all its glory, hosted at his new joint! Go look NOW.