I have been a fan of zombie genre fiction for quite some time, I never can seem to get enough of zombie movies, good or bad. Perhaps it’s my juvenile side out for a stroll, or maybe I just like watching the ravenous undead soak up bullets until that part of the movie where someone realizes that it’s got to be headshots; at which juncture people who have never handled firearms before are suddenly marksmen to put Marines to shame. Honestly, I think we all have to suspend belief when someone makes a headshot on a running zombie at 20 yards with her 2 inch J-frame.

When it comes to Zombie Stuff, I generally consider Max Brooks’ books (The Zombie Survial Guide and World War Z) to be the best of the lot, even better in fact than Romero’s “____ of the Dead” films. If you haven’t read World War Z or TZSG, I would strongly encourage you to do so.

Of course, there’s another fun reason for all the zombie talk; aside from the amusing escapism that it provides. See, I have an interesting combination in my life, that being a large stockpile of weapons and ammunition and a largely liberal group of friends. As such, “zombies” have proven in the past to be a laughable explanation for the number of guns and ammo that I own. This has been especially useful during times when talking about the RKBA would not have been a socially wise choice. On the flip size, “zombies” have also proven a respectable entryway into discussion on the 2nd Amendment. Since my friends know that I joke about keeping the guns for the “eventual undead revolution”; and they (should) also know that I don’t actually believe in zombies it leaves them with the question of why do I actually own all these guns.

Obviously, the question of “why do I own all these guns” is simple for me to answer (hint: I like guns), people who have not been raised around firearms seem to feel like we should have to justify each and every gun I own. Which is actually the final reason that I like zombies, because using the “I own guns for zombies” reasoning allows me to mock those that feel like I should have reason. I provide a reason which everyone knows is imaginary, because quite frankly I don’t need a reason to own guns.

So remember guys; buy a gun for the zombies – piss off a liberal. I call that a win-win situation.