Wisdom of the Duke, March 23

Ah, Fridays. You know, I really do enjoy writing the Wisdom of the Duke feature. Today’s entry is about our favorite subject for flogging, politicians!

Cuthbert H. Humphrey, Governor of our territory, is a cull. Do you know what a cull is, ma’am? A cull is a specimen that is so worthless that you have to cut him out of the herd. Now if all the people in the world were put in one herd, Cuthbert is the one I would throw a rope at. – John Wayne, McClintock!

I love that quote, as it so adequately describes the vast majority of people that take up politics as a career. I personally find politics to be a distasteful, yet necessary pursuit for some people. It is unfortunate that many politicians have lost sight of the fact that their job is to serve the people, and they do so at the discretion of their constituency. Unfortunately, we are saddled with agenda-pushing blowhards on both sides of the aisle, men and women dedicated to expanding their power base and furthering their own agenda.

Certainly, there do exist politicians that remember why they were elected; it just seems to me that they are the exception rather than the rule.

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