Things I like

Yesterday, I blogged about things in the gun world that just drive me nuts, today I’m going to flip the coin and blog about things that make me happy. It’s my hope that this list will be quite a bit longer than yesterday’s.

Old Colt revolvers
I don’t mean the really old ones, like a Single Action Army, I’m thinking more along the lines of the vintage 20’s-50’s Colt wheelguns. The “film noir” revolvers, if you will. There is something about a Colt Pocket Positive in .32 Colt New Police (.32 S&W Long) that just brings a smile to my face. They just feel like there’s all sorts of history on them, and if you can find them in decent condition that old Colt blue just sort of gleams at you. For the most part, they’re also all good shooters.

Nice people at the range
It doesn’t matter if someone is a Tacticool Teddy, or a Dedicated Bullseye Shooter(tm), it is just quite refreshing to meet genuinely kind people in any environment, and when they’re at the range, so much the better.

Come on, who doesn’t love a good .22 rifle or pistol? There’s just something about it that brings a smile to your face, whether your shooting steel plates or tin cans, shooting .22s is just plain old fun.

.45 Colt
Oh yeah.

Lever action rifles
Basically the same principle as the .22 entry, there just isn’t anything quite like a smooth lever action. There is something undeniably “right” about the way a good lever-gun feels in my hands.

I know this doesn’t have anything to do with guns, but I love baseball. I get really excited about opening day.

New products
I really enjoy seeing all the new products that the shooting industry is rolling out, especially since a lot of those products seem to be geared towards the world of concealed carry. I’m always happy to know that people are taking every advantage of Right-to-Carry laws that may be passed in their states.

Open carry
I like open carry, I’ve even detailed as much in posts on this website. I don’t get all skittish when I see people open carrying, it actually makes me happy, and I dearly hope that those people that choose to open carry act as responsible ambassadors to the public.

New shooters
This is a big one. I love seeing people introduced to my hobby, because the more bullets that go downrange, the more likely that my children and their children will be able to enjoy the sport I love.

There are a lot of things that make me pretty happy when it comes to shooting, the above are just a few. Add your own in the comments!