Minor Irritants

Today’s post could be a long one, because there are a lot of things that really bug me, however I was planning on confining this to the gun world. The stuff I’m listing might not even be stuff that’s bad, it just so happens to get on my nerves. Plus, it’s Monday and I don’t really have a “great” post cooked up.

Ranges that won’t let me practice my draw
Generally, this is because some idiot a long time ago shot a hole in the table, or his foot, or something. Well, if you’re that guy, thanks for screwing it up for the rest of us. I hope you learned to keep your “booger hook off the bang switch” (thanks for that phrase, LawDog). On the other hand, it is probably a good thing, because I would be really embarrassed if I had to explain to St. Peter exactly how I managed to survive some of my life experiences only to be killed by a stray round on the firing range.

Grip Safeties
Now there’s something that really annoys me, and is also the biggest reason why I’m not a fan of the 1911 platform. I much prefer the Browning Hi-Power, or even the Star Model B (basically a 9mm 1911 sans grip safety). Of course, I’m a revolver fan anyway and don’t much cotton to semi-automatic pistols, even when Uncle Sam said I had to pack one. But grip safeties just bug the hell out of me. I’d probably be a lot more inclined towards the 1911 platform if it was lacking that grip safety.

Anti-revolver people
“Oh man, is that a wheelgun? Why don’t you get a CQB Tactical Destroyer?” Because I like revolvers. I don’t carry a gun for a living any longer, so I don’t want to carry a semi-auto.

Hot brass down the neck/shorts/wherever
I have a really neat scar from where a piece of 9mm fresh from a Ruger PC9 lodged in the crook of my elbow. I didn’t notice it until I realized that my arm did not feel good. That goes double for the time I had a piece of .308 brass go down my collar during a rifle match.

The magazine release on a 10/22
This was either designed by a guy with deformed hands, or a proctologist. If you buy a 10/22, buy an extended mag release. Especially if you’re like me, and nothing makes you happier than burning up a bunch of .22LR. Your hands will thank me.

People who talk in the theatre
Okay…I know this isn’t gun related, but if I wanted a running commentary of whichever movie I was paying $9.50 to see, I’d wait for the DVD and listen to the director’s commentary. This is not Mystery Science Theatre, and you’re not funny. Be a dear and shut your piehole. If you and your fratboy friends would like to make comments for every 3rd word of the movie and then laugh like a bunch of 8th graders, that’s fine. Do it in your shitty apartment with the DVD.

Sorry about the ranting today, I promise I’ll have actual content for you guys tomorrow.