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If anyone missed the previous post I made on mouseguns, I have been inspired to create a competitive body for mousegun shooting. An official mission statement or statement of purpose is coming later, but the gist of it would be that I want to create a place where the loads of people that carry and love these little guns can shoot, train, and compete safely. Obviously, I’m hoping this idea takes off.

Although MSL sounds like a contagious disease, it’s simply a working title for now. What I am working on (and going to share with you) are the equipment rules that we’ve come up with so far. Since this is a work in progress, any feedback is appreciated.

Remember, the stated goal is to create a shooting league or society in which people can shoot their mouseguns competitively. The idea is that competition on the goal produces a valuable training environment for people that carry mouseguns (which is a lot); additionally it’s fun as well.

Competitive Classes
Right now, we’re looking at two major classes, Revolver and Pistol (Semi-auto); with each class being further subdividing into Sub-minor caliber (.22 LR, .25 ACP, possibly .22 Magnum) and Minor Caliber (.32 ACP, .32 S&W, .32 Magnum, .38 S&W, .380 ACP, and possibly .38 Special – more on that later).

To keep the competition limited to strictly “mouseguns”, each competitive class will have weight restrictions on the pistols used, i.e. no hauling out your Ruger 22/45 to compete in the rimfire category. I’d like to limit the weight of autos and revolvers to 20-25ozs (this would allow Walther PPks and Bersa .380s). There are going to be some restrictions specific to class of weapon as well. I’m honestly not sure where the limit should be set in the Sub-Minor category, but right now we’re looking at 15 ounces. That would exclude such guns as the Walther P22 and Sig Mosquito, which is too bad; but again the goal is to limit ourselves to true mouseguns. The final weight related issue that’s been brought up is a possible bonus for people that choose to use superlight weapons, such as the NAA mini-revolvers, some of which weigh less than 10oz. Quite frankly, we have no idea how this would be implemented, but I’m open to suggestions.

Minor Revolver class
To compete in this class, the revolver must be chambered for one of the following cartridges: .32 ACP, .32 S&W, .32 S&W Long, .38 S&W, .32 Magnum, and .32-20 WCF. This isn’t intended to be an all inclusive list, because we’re sure that there are plenty more “mousey” cartridges out there that can be fired through a wheelgun. A brief side note, at this time the .38 Special is on the bubble, because it’s allowed for use in IDPA and ICORE shooting, we’re leaning towards not including it.
Barrel length on the revolver class is likely going to be 3 inches or less, again provided the revolver makes the weight limit mentioned above.

Sub-minor Revolver
To shoot in this class, a revolver must be chambered for either .22LR, .22 Magnum, or .25 ACP. The weight limit on the sub-minor wheelguns is going to be locked at 18.5oz. The revolver can be single or double action, but must have a barrel length of 2.5 inches or less. This is the first category where handicapping comes to mind, as an shooting that uses a 9.5 ounce NAA Black Widow is going not going to be able to compete with someone that uses an 18 ounce Taurus. Right now, we’re not limiting cylinder capacity on revolvers with 5+ rounds – but we don’t have a good solution in place for reloads on the clock.

Minor Pistol
For a pistol to shoot in this category, it has be chambered for .32 ACP, .380 ACP, .32 NAA, and maybe, just maybe 9mm Makarov (9×18). Again, not an all inclusive list, but it’ll do for now. The 9mm Mak is right on the bubble along with .38 Special in the wheelgun world. Barrel length is limited to 3.5 inches or less; this category will also make use of the handicapping system for extremely light guns such as the Kel-Tec .32. The handicapping system will be worked out in detail once we’ve come up with the scoring system. Magazine capacity is capped at 8 rounds for this category.

Sub-minor Pistol
Pistols here must be chambered for .22LR, .22 WMR, or .25 ACP. Barrel length is going to be 2.5 inches or less, and the weight has to be under 15oz (that could be lowered). Magazine capacity is limited to 8 rounds here as well. We don’t envision handicapping to be an issue in this category.

So that’s the breakdown of the competitive classes. Again, all this is in the creative stages, and any and all feedback is welcome. We’re going to be working through the scoring system today; which will include how the handicapping system will work. After that, we’ll work on course design, which will include average round count, reloads, etc.

Questions, comments, etc can be left in the comments section or directed to my email at admiralahab at

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