An Inconvenient Truth

The Right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

It’s pretty straightforward, but it sure is inconvenient. I mean, not for us since we’re the “people” in question; but rather for those that would like to see Americans dependent on the government’s handouts. Which is for me what gun control really comes down to; a dependency issue. The people in positions of power don’t want to just take away your guns, they want to take away your ability to choose pretty much anything. They have to start with your guns because it is damn difficult to tell a man with a rifle what he can and can’t do.

It really is an issue of control. I have often said that of late, the only difference between Republicans and Democrats is what aspects of your life they want to control. I am obviously not okay with this, as I am a semi-intelligent adult, I feel as though I’m capable of making my own decisions. For instance, national health care? Thanks but no thanks. I’d rather choose the care provider that I go to. Yes, I know my choices are limited by my health insurance, but I still get to pick. Social Security? Like that’ll be around when I’m ready to retire. How about you give me the money I’m pissing down the drain on SS, and let me invest in something else, like an IRA? Gay marriage? Who fucking cares? Let ’em get married, it’d probably be good for the economy anyway; all those queens would have lavish weddings at expensive hotels. Smoking bans? Don’t want ’em. I quit smoking a while ago, and I still hate smoking bans. Let the market determine where you can smoke and where you can’t. You know, the more I think about it, the more I realize that I hate the anti-smoking Gestapo as much as I hate the gunbanners.

The point of all the above ranting is quite simple. I’m rather tired of the government telling me (and people like me) that some things are too dangerous for me, or that I’m not smart enough to save my money, that certain people can’t marry, or that my rifles and handguns are a threat to safety.

After all that ranting, I really wish I had a whiz-bang conclusion for this, but I sadly don’t. I see the government infringing more and more on the individual’s ability to live his or her life as they damn well please, and it concerns me. It also frightens me, as more and more people cry out for new laws and more protection from the Almighty Nanny State.

And while the Nanny State is trying to pass silly-ass laws about imaginary “Assault Weapons”; or writing resolutions in the House to call the President a doody-head, our borders are porous, we’re at war, and there are bigass potholes in a lot of our roads. If the government would stop worrying about maintaining their own power and controlling my life; and would start worrying about things that actually matter who knows? We might actually accomplish something.