Jim Zumbo

By now, the only way that you haven’t heard about Jim Zumbo’s blog against “terrorist rifles” is if you’re not in the gun community, or you’re living in a cave in Australia. Now, I’m not pleased with what he said, and I think he’s big time wrong. A lot of other bloggers have addressed the actual issue of the divide between the the hunting and shooting communities. A lot of other bloggers have discussed at length why it doesn’t matter if an AR15 or an AK47 has a sporting purpose.

I just wanted to mention it briefly, with the thought in mind that it really bugs me when someone posts something like this. Zumbo’s an idiot, and Remington has dropped him, which is great. It’s also great to see so many well reasoned and articulate posts in response to his original article.

The blogosphere has had a pretty accurate reaction as well; I’m proud to be a part of the gun-owning community.

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