From the "What the hell" file

With apologies to Alphecca as I stole the link from him; but I had to mention this today.

It seems that Mexico says that there is a flow of “assault weapons” coming in from America.

I will freely admit that I almost spewed coffee all over my keyboard. I thought to myself, Self, did you really just read that Mexico, as in MEXICO, is blaming the US for their illegal gun problem?

Apparently, yes I did. Even though guns are illegal in Mexico, the drug runners and people smugglers still have them. AKs, M16s, whatever money can buy. The problem is this theory that they’re coming from the US. I can’t even begin to express how confusing that is. Apparently, it’s not enough that illegally deposit half their society in the States, now they have to blame us that drug runners are buying AK 47s?

That would be like me blaming Mexico that Arizona has a rising wave of crime due to illegal immigration….wait, sorry that was a bad example. Maybe that would be like me blaming Austria for handgun crime because Glocks are made there. Yes, that’s it. Blame Austria!

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