AFC Championship game

Well, it appears as though the fans of the 1st Colts Galactic Empire have gotten our wish, the AFC Championship game will be played from the RCA Hoosier Dome, with our Indianapolis Colts taking on Cronos and the Titans Tom Brady and the Patriots.

I will say that this is a good thing, because the game is now in our dome-sweet-home. Additionally, we have beaten the Patriots at Foxborough twice in the last two seasons, Peyton Manning is DUE for a big game, and our defense is playing huge.

That being said, the Colts nation also needs to remember that they guy on the other side of the field is Tom Freakin’ Brady. As evidenced by the game against the Chargers, he finds ways to win. It’s what he does.

So, let’s look at Ahab’s key points for the game.


– Our defense has to continue to step up. We have played balls-to-the-walls in the last two games, and that has to continue.
– Keeping defense in mind, even if we shut down the run, remember that the other quarterback is TOM BRADY. We can’t afford to get demoralized if he finds a way to put up points on us, because that’s what he does. If/when Tom Brady finds a way into the end zone (and he will), our defense needs to come right back firing and get stops when it matters.
– Offensively, Peyton needs to find his stride. He was good in the 2nd half of the Chiefs game, but he needs to find his regular season form.
– The running game has been ticking along quite nicely. Joseph Addai, Dominick Rhodes, I don’t care, just keep running the ball.
– Keep the Patriots defense on the field. They’re good, but they’re also one of the older units out there. If we can wear them down through three quarters, we’ll get big, gashing runs in the 4th quarter.


– Keep Peyton Manning off the field. His cold streak cannot continue forever, and he can win ballgames with those wide receivers.
– Run, run, run. This goes in hand with the above, as it’s the most efficient way to keep Peyton off the field.
– Protect Tom Brady. The Colts d-line isn’t big, but it’s fast. If the Colts are playing with a lead, those ends will come flying at Tom Brady faster than groupies at a club.
– On defense, they have to stop the run game. The Colts love to pass off the play-action, and establishing that run makes it that much easier for Peyton to take those deep shots at Marvin.

Colts win, 33-24. Did you really think I’d pick against my boys?

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