Gun control at home

Hooray, hooray! I now actually have a home-grown gun control issue to blog about! It seems that one of our state reps here in Indiana has decided that Indiana needs more gun control. Link to article here.

I just posted a while back about the “gun show loophole” that doesn’t exist, so I’m not going to revisit that issue. I also think that we all know why one handgun a month limits are silly. No, there are two major issues that I’d like to address.

The first is in Rep. Orentlicher’s third bill, which would overturn the “no-preemption” clause in state law. Indiana state law currently forbids localities from passing laws that are more restrictive or would come into conflict with state laws regarding the possession and carrying of firearms. This is a good thing, as it allows for consistent standards across the state; whether one lives in rural Pulaski county or in the Chicagoland (Indiana side) area.

The obvious goal behind the law is to allow Rep. Orentlicher to have his constituency in Marion county pass more restrictive gun control laws. Unfortunately, it would also open the door to have politicians in the Chicagoland area to follow the lead of their Illinois counterparts; for politicians in Fort Wayne to restrict gun ownership, etc. An inconsistent standard for gun laws makes it more difficult for law enforcement to do their job.

Moving along, the second major issue that I find disturbing is actually in the original article. If you read it, you’ll find quotes from Don Davis, the owner of Don’s Guns that appear to be in favor of more gun control. Before I continue, I have to give you a little bit of background on Don’s Guns. It’s located in Indianapolis, and guns from Don’s have actually been linked to crimes in the Indy Metro area. How he still has a license to sell firearms is beyond me. Furthermore, all the shooters I know in the Indy area dislike Don’s as much as I do. For lack of a better way to describe it, Don’s Guns is that gunshop that liberals love so much, because it’s a shady joint that engages in questionable business practices.

Don coming out in support of more gun control just completes the picture for me. The addition of hypocrisy to Don’s resume has only solidified my boycott of his establishment.

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