The Wide World of Sports

I am a self-proclaimed sports nut, and one of the sports that I dearly enjoy is college football. For one reason or another, I have developed over the past couple of years a fondness for the Boise State Broncos. I don’t know if it’s the blue Astroturf that they play on, or the fact that they don’t get any love from the national media (probably because they play in Western Athletic Conference); but I just can’t get around the fact that I flat like them.

Well, the part about them not getting any love from the national media is about to change, after last night’s wild victory over Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl.

The highlights of the story are available on Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and pretty much every major media outlet that covers sports; but the gist of the story is that Boise State went 13-0 on the season, and beat the number 7 ranked team in the county last night.

The Broncos had a lot of critics, people who said that because the WAC is a weak conference that they couldn’t hang-and-bang with a big, bad team like Oklahoma. I guess they were wrong. If Boise State goes undefeated next year and doesn’t get a shot at the BCS title, that’ll be one more mark in the “Why the BCS System Sucks” column.