Fat kids

This article from the Communist News Network is the sort of thing that makes me very angry.

Allow me to elaborate. When I see a fat kid in public, I get mad. I generally am upset by obese adults as well (more on that later); but a fat kid really upsets me. Fat kids make me angry because in a child, the parents have control over what the child eats, how much tv the child watches, how much time they spend on videogames, etc. If your kid is a fattie, it’s probably your fault.

I am well aware that there are certain conditions which leave someone with a predisposition to fatness. That’s fine. If your kid has one of those, ignore this. If your kid is fat because you use pizza as a reward for good grades and never unplug the fucking Nintendo and make him play outside, than it’s your fault.

The Mrs. and I were at a local mall the other day, and I walked by an establishment in said mall that caused me to lose my damn vision due to the rage coursing through my system. This mall had a “kid’s gym”, complete with pint-sized fitness equipment. While I applaud the sentiment of not having fat kids, your kid should not need a gym to avoid being fat. I’m torn, because Fat Kids = Bad Thing, but at the same time you shouldn’t need to sign you precious Timmy up for weightlifting classes to make sure he’s healthy.

There’s this place, it’s called “Outdoors.” I know that there are bears and cars and pedophiles “outdoors”, but your child can play there and not die. If you’re that worried, why don’t you put down your Scotch and go play with your child outdoors. Come on.