I’m a bad shooter

Mostly because I’ve been shooting since I was eight, and I’ve just now purchased my first Ruger 10/22. I know, I know, and I’m sorry. I promise I’ll make it up by turning my Ruger 10/22 from an innocent looking plinking rifle into a terrifying “assualt weapon”, guarenteed to make Gun Fearing Wussies soil themselves. Of course, everyone else will know that it’s just a dressed up Ruger .22lr, but who cares?

Speaking of .22’s, I’ve decided that I hate the .17 HMR. Not because it’s a bad round or anything, but because I love the .22 WMR. I was in Gander Mountain, and I found maybe two or three rifles chambered for .22 WMR; however there were at least a dozen rifles chambered for .17 HMR. Oh well, I guess as long as people are shooting, I should be happy. I’ll just have to be content with my Marlin 25M and my EAA Bounty Hunter for now.

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