Gun Nuts Radio: Peter Palma from Top Shot

I nearly died laughing last night during Gun Nuts Radio with my buddy Pete from Top Shot.  We were talking about our mutual loathing of the undead (zombies) and Pete said that while he’d enjoy being able to ride his go-kart from one end of town to the other during a zombie apocalypse, it wouldn’t be that great because you’d not be able to get orange juice any more.  That stream of consciousness is why I am desperately hoping that the Top Shot DVDs will have an “outtakes” and “unused footage” section, so we can get all of Pete’s random thoughts.  To hear our interview with Pete, check out last night’s Gun Nuts Radio.  The show is also available in .mp3 format.

One of our leading source of downloads are our friends on iTunes/iPods/iPhones. That drives a HUGE number of listeners, so thank you to everyone who downloads us via that stream. Here’s the link to Gun where you can pick up the latest episode and all our archives. Thanks again to Pete for coming on last night’s show – to everyone out there, check out his Facebook fan page.

There’s no new episode of Top Shot next week, but we’ll be coming back Tuesday night on the Blogtalkradio Network – next week our big news is the official launch of the HAVA Charity Auction and our first recap of the Quest for Master Class! Listen live, or catch the download at!

Worst 3-gun rigs

So for fun, I was trying to think up ideas for the absolute worst rigs for shooting 3-gun competition.  I tried to imagine what the guy that thinks his Hi-Point is awesome would buy, and here’s what we came up with.  I really want to see your comments as well!

Rifle: Kel-Tec SU16.  The only good think about this is that it takes standard AR15 style magazines, but having seen one once turn into a grenade with factory 55 grain FMJ .223 ammo, I certainly wouldn’t want to put one next to my head and shoot 10,000 rounds through it.  That’s assuming it would even survive 10,000 rounds…

Pistol: Gotta go with the Hi-Point 9mm on this one.  Bonus points if you get the ridiculous compensated one and run it in Open division!  I owned a Hi Point once.  I thought that I would try to be the “anti-gun snob” and see how it worked.  It didn’t.  Failures to feed, failures to extract, and the ergonomics of a brick on the end of a pencil.

Shotgun: This one was the hardest, and I had to actually look around for a bit.  Finally, I settled on the Charles Daly semi-auto shotguns imported from who-knows-where.  All the price of a Mossberg with 50% of the quality and 0% of the customer service!  It’s PERFECT.

Bonus points – I also came up with a rig for my favorite division, Heavy Metal.  HM requires a .308 caliber rifle, a .45 ACP pistol, and a 12 gauge pump action shotgun.  Here’s the worst Heavy Metal rig I could think of.

Rifle: Kel-Tec RFB.  This is perfect.  It costs more than an M14 or .308 AR, it is impossible to find parts for it, it’s a bullpup so the ergonomics are all screwed up, and did I mention that you’re trusting a Kel-Tec to contain the explosion of a .308 RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR HEAD?  Thanks but no thanks.

Pistol: I couldn’t keep beating up on Hi-Point, even though their .45 is just as execrable as their 9mm, it’s not fair to keep beating up on them.  So, we’re going with the Bersa Thunder 45.  The nice thing about the Bersa is that when it breaks after 200 rounds, they’re so cheap you can just buy a second or third one to go with them!

Shotgun: Piece of cake on this one.  Pick any cheapo 870 knockoff imported from countries whose names you can’t even pronounce and you’re all set.

Of course, none of this is complete without the right gear, so make sure that all your holsters are gun show nylon specials that flop around and don’t retain the gun well – buy the crappiest mags possible, and then when people tell you that your gear sucks you retort with “it’s been 100% reliable, I’ve shot over 200 rounds through it!”

While all this is fun and games, there is a point to be had – don’t trust your life to untested gear.  In competition, the worst thing that can happen is you get DQ’d and go home, or you lose a match because your gun breaks.  In a real dynamic critical incident, whether it’s leaving your office or a home invasion, your gear needs to be reliable.  The guns listed above make fun toys, but they’re not something I’d want to bet a trophy on, much less my life.

Indiana USPSA Section Match

As mentioned previously, the Indiana USPSA Section Match has been moved to July 23rd-25th.  Due to some competitors not being able to make it that weekend, we’ve had several slots open up for the match.

9 slots on Friday

9 slots on Saturday

12 slots on Sunday

Go to the USPSA Indiana Section website for info on how to sign up!

1 down, 4 to go

The first notch in the proverbial gun belt is officially notched.  As of yesterday I am officially (and finally) and Enhanced Service Revolver Master (of evil).  That’s pretty cool, and it’s rewarding to see a year’s worth of practice and shooting pay off in the advanced classification.

This also forms a nice dovetail for the Quest for Master Class – the first piece is now posted at Downrange.TV, which explains the purpose of the Quest and details the equipment that we’re going to be using.  Head over to DRTV to check out the beginning of The Quest for Master Class!

It's the little things

I think I’m in love with my CTAC.  On Saturday, I was working at an outdoor event that required occasional bursts of rapid movement.  Through the entire event I was wearing my Ruger SR9c in my CTAC holster, and not once did it shift or require me to re-adjust its position.  My only concealment was a white, untucked polo shirt, and with a decent sized crowd milling about, not a one of them noticed the gun.  I’ve had a lot of holsters, and I can honestly say that the CTAC is the first IWB holster I’ve had that I would recommend without reservation to anyone.  This really is a phenomenal rig.

Full recoil

My buddy Kyle snagged this picture of me running the Gen4 Glock at the recent GSSF match.  Slide’s opened up, brass is just leaving the gun, and it’s interesting to see just how much muzzle rise there is on the 9mm pistol.

One of the most interesting experiments I was ever part of was two years ago at the Gun Blogger Shoot at (then) Blackwater USA with Todd Jarrett, sponsored by Crimson Trace and ParaUSA.  All of the guns we were shooting were equipped with Crimson Trace laser grips, and on the day we shot indoors Todd did a demonstration that kind of put the whole “recoil” thing in perspective.  With the lasers switched on, he shot the 9mm, and then shot the .45 ACP.  The students tracked the laser’s rise on the berm to see how high it got, and much to our surprise the 9mm laser had almost as much travel as the dot from the laser on the .45 ACP.

Now, I’m not saying that a .45 has the same felt recoil as a 9mm, because we know it doesn’t.  But what that did for me was create perspective on controlling recoil.  Muzzle flip is going to happen, unless you’re shooting a .22 with a ridiculously effective compensator on it.  Remembering that, and gripping the gun 20% harder will help you control that muzzle flip and bring the gun back on target for fast follow up shots.  Also, doing pull-ups helps as well.

Gun Nuts Tonight: The one and only Pete Palma

That’s right guys, joining me tonight on Gun Nuts Radio at 9pm Eastern time is the one, the only, Pete Palma from Top Shot on History!  I had the pleasure of getting to know Pete over our time in the house on the set of Top Shot, and I can say without a doubt that he has one of the most unique gifts for humor in anyone I’ve ever met, and also shares my deep loathing of zombies.  Pete was a blast to talk to in the house, and I think you’ll enjoy listening to him tonight on Gun Nuts Radio at 9pm Eastern time.  So join us tonight at to hear Pete talk about his experience in the Top Shot house, thoughts on the show, and life in general!  Tonight at 9pm Eastern time, – and always available for download the next day.

Top Shot Questions: The backpacks

If there is one question I have gotten over and over and over about Top Shot it has been “what are you guys carrying in those backpacks?”  If you watch any episode of the show, you’ll see us roll to the practices, team challenges, and elimination challenges with backpacks.  Because the show only takes an hour, I understand wondering why we’d need the gear for what appears to last maybe 2 or 3 minutes.

That’s the magic of TV.  Suffice to say, filming the practices and challenges usually took a lot longer than it appears, so the backpacks were a necessity.  If you watch Team Challenge in Episode 4, I go from wearing a polo to wearing a fleece, and then I’m wearing a fleece and gloves.  It got COLD that day and fast, and I was shivering, so I went in to the backpack for my gear to stay warm.  That’s what we had in the bags, water, snacks, sunscreen, rain gear, cold weather gear, and of course hearing and eye protection.  We had to stay prepared because we never knew what a challenge would throw at us.

Honored American Veterans Afield Charity Auction

It is my great pleasure to announce that starting July 5th, Gun Nuts Media will be sponsoring the first ever Honored American Veterans Afield Charity Auction.  With the support of the firearms industry coming from Sig Sauer, DPMS, Leupold, Crimson Trace, and Mossberg we will be auctioning off over $5,000 in firearms and accessories.  Each week in July we’ll be offering a new package through our partners at GunBroker, who will be hosting the auction to make it available to all interested parties across the United States!

Starting July 5th, we’ll open the auction with a bang – sending a Sig Sauer pistol out as our first item, which will include a set of Crimson Trace Laser grips to go with the gun.  Following that on July 12th, the next gun becomes available, our donation from Mossberg.  The auction continues the week of the 19th with a personal donation from my collection, and then closes out the week of the 26th with a bang – our competition ready package from DPMS, featuring one of their fine rifles!

I’m incredibly proud to be a part of this, and I cannot thank the supporters within the firearms community enough for making this possible.  I hope that when we launch the auctions on July 5th with our gun from Sig that the readers of Gun Nuts and the firearms community will step up to help our Honored American Veterans.