Beretta Storm Accuracy Testing

On Monday, I put a Cougar D-spring in my Beretta Px4 Storm. On Tuesday, I took it to the range for testing. The first good news is that it ran 100%, cracked every primer I could put through it, even the rock-hard Winchester NATO ammo primers. The second bit of good news is that it’s quite accurate. Here’s a 25 yard group, shot off a rest using 115 grain Hornady Critical Defense.

D-spring 026

The group measures out to about 1.9 inches, which is right where I’d like it to be for Critical Defense. It’s been my experience with that particular round that it tends to be extremely accurate, very reliable, and pleasant to shoot. Hornady Critical Defense feeds well, it’s accurate, and Hornady are good people. It’s everything I want in a pistol cartridge.