Slow motion recoil comparison: .38 Special vs. .357 Magnum

Slow motion video is interesting. The .38 recoils in slow motion exactly how I imagined it would, which is to say not very much at all. The magnum on the other hand appears to be way more violent in slow-motion than it did when shooting it. In fact, in the slow mo video you can see my grip comes apart at the end of the magnum relay, which is something I didn’t really notice when shooting it live.

Breaking two out of four gun safety rules

Sometimes I get bored when I’m done practicing, and I do stuff like that. Then for some reason, I post the video on the internet, likely because I’m a terrible person and an attention whore. But it got me thinking about a lot of things that we do in the gun culture without actually thinking about them. Like the four rules, for example. Sure we can all quote them chapter and verse, but why are they important? And are we actually learning anything if we teach people to recite them by rote?