Revolver Tour #2: Smith & Wesson 929, the Unicorn

Smith & Wesson 929 cylinder open

Unicorns are mythical beasts, and even though some (crazy) people claim to have seen one, they probably don’t exist. For quite some time after it was announced, the Smith & Wesson 929 occupied the same place as a unicorn: pure myth. But then the myth became reality, and for me that reality was awesome.

A revolver tour: Ruger GP100 4.2

Ruger GP100 4.2 Hogue stocks

During this week, I’m going to be taking you guys through a tour of some of the various wheelguns I own. This started from a photo I posted on my fan page, which turned into a short post here on Gun Nuts simply titled “I like wheelguns.” We’ll start this series of posts with one of the guns that I’m most often associated with, the Ruger GP100.


The M16 series has been in service with the US military longer than any other individual rifle not due to conspiracy, complacence, incompetence or frugality – but because collectively it still represents the state of the art in portable lethality.

Ranger Up has an excellent article about the “problems” with the M16/M4 platform. Their article is written in response to a piece written in the Atlantic about how terrible the M4 is.