A bit on Randi Rogers

When it comes to lady shooters Randi Rogers’ name can sometimes get lost, and frankly, I don’t know why. What amazes me and impresses me about Randi is that she is headed toward titles above and beyond “High Lady.” Continue reading “A bit on Randi Rogers”

DVD Review “A Women’s Guide To Firearms”

20140616-111957-40797945.jpgAs a predominantly self taught shooter, I respect the gathering of information from multiple sources in the name of learning & growth. Generally, I would put hands-on one-on-one training with a certified instructor who comes highly recommended, at the very top of the list. However, first timers often feel overwhelmed by all the information being thrown at them and many instructors are pretty awful teachers. So when I saw a DVD entitled, “A Woman’s Guide To Firearms” I was too curious not to hit “Buy Now”! And how could I not??!?! Major Dad is in it!!

If you get past the jazzy porn music and the 80’s overacting, this DVD is surprisingly useful. The gun models are somewhat out of date, and we’ve since simplified the seven safety rules to a manageable three, but “A Woman’s Guide To Firearms” could be a very useful tool. I imagine it being watched by a first timer, prior to their first class or range visit. This is where I believe it would be highly useful. The explanations by Mickey Dalton and Mike Fowler of International Shootists Inc. while hokey, could make a great precursor to a beginners course (especially in the comfort of ones own livingroom.) Also, the graphics of internal firearm mechanics, though dated, are the kind of details beginners want to understand, but many instructors leave out of a beginning class, or gloss over too quickly because they are hard to depict.

20140616-111958-40798743.jpgAs cheesy as this DVD is, (and boy is it!) I would recommend it and lend it to friends. As much as I chuckled at the script, the ladies’ interactions and conversations where all similar to those I’ve had with gun girls and new lady shooters, repeatedly. I do have to add one caveat however. I went on to www.GunVideo.com and perused their selection. It was surprisingly extensive, (though they had no info on 3GN.) I had bought the DVD on another site so when I got to GunVideo’s own site I went in search of the Women’s DVD. I found it in a section called “Girls & Guns.”

As I clicked, I worried about what other DVD’s might be in this section, and for good reason. There are multiple DVD’s for sale on GunVideo.com in the “girls” section that fall into a gray area just outside of pornography. I would never send a new female shooter to this site for fear she would get a very bad impression of the MEN of the gun world. While I am disappointed at the distributors of the DVD, I stand by my review of it’s instructional merits.

A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League – Sioux Falls

agag_sitelogoWhile I’ve known Julianna Crowder for a while, my first real exposure to the A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League was at their National Conference this past March down in Waco, Texas. It was a wonderful experience; the classes and instructors they had were all top notch, and I couldn’t believe how many women were there enjoying themselves and learning a lot along the way.  Continue reading “A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League – Sioux Falls”

Losing Relationship Weight with 3gun

20140507-104740.jpgI’m sure I shared with you guys that at the end of last summer I met my ideal match; Lets call him “Big J”. He’s a dream boat and after many years of the single-life I feel incredibly lucky and blessed. One of our many shared interests is food. He loves to cook and we spend a lot of time in the kitchen together. Since he’s a meat and potatoes kind of guy we often have big meals that include a protein and a startch, a combination that had formerly been a rarity in my life.* After over 10 years of very a stable body weight, I began noticing some extra jiggles in certain places. I should point out that it’s not like I was working at it over those 10 years. My eating habits consisted of snacking when I found the time and that was about it. Also, I don’t weigh myself or stressing over dieting because I believe paying too much attention to such things is probably the cause weight gain and is generally no fun.
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We don’t all have to be strong, independent women.

What comes to mind when we talk about women and guns? Empowerment, strength, confidence. Well ladies, I’m here to tell you something: Just because you shoot, it doesn’t mean you always have to feel empowered, strong, and confident. In fact, it’s perfectly acceptable to be a little terrified the first time you go to the range. Even after that you might cry, and that’s okay. Continue reading “We don’t all have to be strong, independent women.”

Awaken Chivalry Toward Gun Girls

20140414-082713.jpg“Ladies first,” is no longer a term that carries any meaning. Doors are not held open anymore and checks are split on dates. One could say that these were signs of the women’s liberation movement winning the equality battle, but that’s only if we make the mistake of equating genteel behavior with inequality. It’s the fault of both parties involved. Men should be holding themselves to a minimum standard of gentlemanly behavior. Women should demand the treatment due to a lady…As long as she acts like a lady.
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A New Girl in 3Gun Nation’s Pro Series

20140319-102355.jpgThis past weekend marked the beginning of the 3 Gun Nation’s 2014 Pro Series Tour. In Owasso Oklahoma the best of the best met and kicked off a competition that will continue until early 2015. Janna Reeves, the newest member of the Noveske 3 Gun Team, is one of 12 women who make up the women’s division. Having won the Qualifier back in February, Ms. Reeves went into this weekend with high expectations of herself. Unfortunately, she came back to her new Georgia home, less than than thrilled with her performance.

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Women’s Outdoor & Shooting Industry Dinner at SHOTShow 2014

Natalie Foster, Jacquelyn Kelley Gabby Marcuus and Britney Starr at women's dinner at SHOTShowAt this year’s SHOTShow the Second Annual Women’s Outdoor & Shooting Industry Dinner was held. Put on by Britney Starr of Starr & Brodhill African Safaris and Jacquelyn Kelly of Armed in Heels, the event took place at V bar in the Venitian hotel. The theme was Old Hollywood Glamor and, as you can see, almost everyone ran with it! This year the gathering saw some new sponsors as well as a few familiar faces, including Laser Max and GunUp Magazine.

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First Look at 3 Gun by Atlanta 3 Gun & South River Gun Club

20140219-111314.jpgI have now signed up to shoot the Brownell’s Lady 3 Gun match, where I will be sponsored by GunUp Publishing, but up until last week I had never seen a 3 Gun match in action. I decided to head an hour south and east of Atlanta to South River Gun Club, the location of Atlanta 3 Gun’s monthly club match, to remedy this. It was also my first chance to see the location where the ladies-only major match will be held this coming October.

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Brownells Lady 3-Gun is Welcoming Beginners

20140210-093951.jpgThis weekend registration opened for Brownells Lady 3-Gun Pro-Am Challenge. It is the first major match that has been limited to women only. The match is planned for the weekend of October 31, 2014 in Covington Georgia. Registration is only open to 200 women and within 12 overnight hours, well over half the spots had already been filled.

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