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USPSA Area 3 full match with commentary

Plain shooting videos can be kind of boring sometimes. I watch a lot of video game videos where they play the game and have commentary over the top of it, so I wanted to give it a try with shooting videos. Instead of just watching me shoot, this gives us a chance to get inside the shooter’s head, and hopefully laugh a little bit.

What it’s like to shoot revolver at the Area 3 Championship

It’s like that. Complete with the dramatic music. I may have slapped this together in iMovie while under the influence of brown water and giggling like the idiot that I am.

In all seriousness though, it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed shooting the match this year, the weather was great, I had a cool squad, and splitting that match into a two-day format instead of one day was definitely the way to go.

BRB Area 3


I’m off to shoot a 400 round Area match this weekend! Area 3 has a reputation of being a pretty hardcore hosefest for Limited and Open Guns…so of course I’m bringing an 8-shot revolver! In all seriousness though, the stages look really fun, and having 8 rounds in the gun will make the match a lot more fun than if I was shooting a 625 and scoring major.

USPSA’s finances part 3: where your money went in 2013


Because USPSA is largely funded by membership dues and entry/classifier fees paid by the shooters, the most important part of our examination of USPSA’s finances is how they’re spending that money. Yesterday’s post covered USPSA’s revenue streams, so today we…