USPSA Area 3 full match with commentary

Plain shooting videos can be kind of boring sometimes. I watch a lot of video game videos where they play the game and have commentary over the top of it, so I wanted to give it a try with shooting videos. Instead of just watching me shoot, this gives us a chance to get inside the shooter’s head, and hopefully laugh a little bit.

What it’s like to shoot revolver at the Area 3 Championship

It’s like that. Complete with the dramatic music. I may have slapped this together in iMovie while under the influence of brown water and giggling like the idiot that I am.

In all seriousness though, it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed shooting the match this year, the weather was great, I had a cool squad, and splitting that match into a two-day format instead of one day was definitely the way to go.

BRB Area 3


I’m off to shoot a 400 round Area match this weekend! Area 3 has a reputation of being a pretty hardcore hosefest for Limited and Open Guns…so of course I’m bringing an 8-shot revolver! In all seriousness though, the stages look really fun, and having 8 rounds in the gun will make the match a lot more fun than if I was shooting a 625 and scoring major.