FBI Shooting for Survival

I love these old training films. It feels like the guys who filmed Adam-12 made a PSA about the dangers of getting shot at. What is interesting to me is that the techniques in this video would work just fine today. Sure, they’re probably not the fastest and most effective ways to get bullets into badguys anymore, but I’d imagine that if you trained using these techniques on the reg, you’d be in good shape to win a gunfight.

Getting lucky

No, not what you think. Do you remember recently when my assistant had to saw apart an MGW sight pusher because I outsmarted myself? Well, the end result did leave the desirable LPA rear sight on the gun, and after letting it sit for a while, I was finally able to get to the range yesterday and sight it in. I expected to have to adjust it, because the goal was to end up with a six o’clock hold on the x-ring of a Bianchi Cup target at 25/50 yards. Here’s the target:


Everything fired standing, unsupported slow-fire. I joked on FB that I’m really good at shooting slow fire groups when I’m off the clock and there’s no pressure to perform.