Why Donald Trump would be worse for gun rights than Hillary Clinton

Apparently, when I went to Lackland for training, I entered a dimension portal, because six months later now that I’ve popped out, I’m in some alternate universe where Donald Trump is a Republican presidential front runner and Bloom County is politically relevant again. It’s pretty weird. What’s even weirder is the headlong rush some of my fellow conservative travelers have undergone to embrace Donald Trump and proclaim him as the savior of Republicans and of course, the 2nd Amendment. A lot of that 2A-fervor is based on his official position paper, which if you ask me is worth exactly the same as the paper it’s printed on. Or the electrons or whatever since you’re reading this online and no one has hard copies of anything anymore.

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Right now, Trump is saying all the right words, touching all the right talking points, and generally doing an excellent job of looking like a pro-gun Republican candidate. And if you think he wouldn’t throw gun rights under the bus faster than one of his casino bouncers will kick you out for counting cards, you’re stupid. Actually, you might be terminally stupid. Let’s play out a hypothetical scenario for a bit, just to illustrate my point.

First, you have to operate from the assumption that Trump’s professed love for the 2nd Amendment is insincere and exists only to pander to the conservative base. So he somehow gets elected, and then bam, there’s a mass shooting. With a Republican majority in both houses of Congress and a Republican president, Trump feels compelled to act. He feels this way because he is in love with his own image, the Donald Trump of the People, and after someone shoots up another school, the People are upset. Something Must Be Done. So he sells us out, and next thing you know there’s a universal background check bill in Congress that he’s promised to sign. The NRA is playing defense because they have to convince members of the President’s own party to go against him, which is never easy nor a guaranteed thing.

Now take that same scenario and have it run under President Hillary Clinton instead. NRA is ALREADY primed for a fight, because there’s a Clinton in office, and they come out swinging the second she says “gun control” on TV. The bill dies in committee, and Hillary goes back to looking for a war to fight so she can prove she’s as tough as one of the boys or something.

Most of this goes back to an old phrase: better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. Hillary Clinton, for all her faults, is absolutely the devil we know. President Hillary Clinton could do a lot of damage this country for sure, but gun rights? Probably not. Anything she says or does that even smells a little bit like gun control is going to result in NRA and the entire gun owning internet losing their collective shit and blowing up every red-state Congressman’s phone for days. Which is exactly how it should be. But is the reverse of that true? If you get a squishy Republican who doesn’t really care about gun rights in office, and especially one like Trump, the odds of them selling us out for the sake of their image and getting away with it are a lot higher.

That’s the thing with Trump. Everyone seems so sure that he’s not full of shit, when every single thing about his record in business says that yeah, he’s totally full of shit. Ultimately, Trump would sell gun owners out in a heartbeat. Here’s why: like I mentioned above, Trump is in love with his own image. He’s a narcissist, or egoist or whatever you want to call him. People like that are dangerous, because they’ll act to preserve their own self-image at the cost of everything else.

The best case scenario for Trump as President is the same as the best case for Hillary: we keep the wolf away from the door for another four years. But the worse case for Trump is a lot worse than Hillary. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that Trump is any real kind of ally.

Mike Weisser: Your Character Is Showing

Much like FoxNews and their token liberals, the stridently anti-Second Amendment Huffington Post will occasionally publish pieces from time to time by a “gun guy.”  That is literally how Mike Weisser self identifies to the world via his blog and his description at the HuffPo.  He confidently claims that “I know as much about guns and hunting as anyone“ which is good if you are say an antigun HuffPo reader looking for an appeal to authority to include in a heated discussion on Facebook.  However……it seems like an unsubstantiated statement.  We shall circle back to that later.  He also claims that guns are his “only hobby” which given the volume of his blog posts and articles seems misleading.  Gun control seems to be his only hobby unless that is just a facet of his disappointment regarding the ever growing diversification of hunters and gun owners.

Weisser’s blog entries are not works of statistical analysis such as, the truly enlightening and well researched work of AmidstTheNoise on YouTube but rather they follow a constant drumbeat of the following:

  • Assault rifles are bad.  No hunter needs them.  Hunting is what rifles are good for.  (Pay no mind to the troublesome fact that bolt action and lever action rifles were at one time cutting edge technology and used as……assault rifles.  In fact, let us completely forget that muskets were once cutting edge and military issue.)
  • Several personal attacks on Dana Loesch.  He appears to be obsessed with female gun rights spokespeople, more on that later as well.
  • He spends some time defending the oh-so altruistic nature of Mike Bloomberg and endorses Bloomberg’s other efforts to control what we put into our bodies.
  • He makes sure that you know he owns those guns that he does not like such as the evil AR15 and AK47.  The logic of this assertion is lost upon all rational people.
  • Mr. Colion Noir, the articulate and informed black gun enthusiast is focused upon as well.  I think I know why.  Again, more later.

Any moderately informed Second Amendment supporter would have no problem deconstructing his views.  The aforementioned “AmidstTheNoise” (Mr Billy Johnson) would crush “Mike the gun guy” handily in a debate.  Actual debate is not Mike’s way of doing things.  He does not want any debate, he simply wants guns gone.  The common thread in his writing is “the gun is the problem.”  Not “end the drug war” or “fix the inner city.”  Nope.  You will never hear a gun control activist speak about actually fixing the socio-cultural roots of violence because as Mr. Bloomberg reminds us, it is not about the people, it is about control.  The state will protect you, it will tell you what you may consume, and settling a dispute with a blunt object where the physically stronger always win and keep the weaker in line, is far preferable than using a gun.  I am not sure if it is moral cowardice or just a desire for more control in the lives of our populace but the gun control zealots never want to actually fix hotbeds of violence like Chicago or Oakland.

So yes, it is a depressing and dreary read when perusing Mr. Weisser’s literary body of work. The level to which he stoops with truly nasty personal attacks on people such as Julie Golob and Dana Loesch is something that makes you want to cleanse yourself afterwards.

Earlier this year, Weisser joined a growing contingent of antigun and antihunting writers that have one thing in common:  they very much dislike the growing trend of outspoken non-white, non-male gunowners and hunters.  I promised more on why he singles out Dana Loesch and Mr Colion Noir so here we go!

A friend sent me this “article” which was typical of Weisser.  Weisser has a real problem with the NRA producing and disseminating gun safety media, particularly to children.  Yes, the word “phony” is used.  He is referring to this video that veteran, shooting champion, and mother Julie Golob starred in.  Weisser is never one to simply debate facts, rather he complained that Julie’s message is “bouncy and joyful” along with complaining that the children’s testimonials in the video are “cutsey” and of course pointing out how the Eddie Eagle program’s message of “not touching the gun — leaving the area — telling an adult, which is then followed by a new lyric for the older kids involving telling them never to touch a gun unless being supervised by an adult, never point a gun at anyone and always assume that every gun is loaded” is “phony.”

One notes a pattern here.  Why no cutting comments about Mr. Colion Noir’s appearance from Weisser?  Weisser touches upon one female gun spokesperson’s appearance and obsess over Dana Loesch.  “Why” is that the antigun and antihunting people detest seeing anyone other than a white male hunting or using a gun, period.  “Why” is that the growing popularity across the sexes and races of hunting and gun ownership does not fit the narrative of those pursuits being the sole domain of the white male.

Witness the controversy over a teenage girl daring to hunt in Africa (actual death threats).  Steve Rinella wrote a truly excellent article about the obvious sexism displayed by those “protesting” the hunt and I encourage you to read it here (and to watch his show and to buy his books).  The antihunting and antigun people are seeing what they considered white male-only lifestyles actually transcend race and sex.  Their reaction is of course to launch personal attacks and outright witch hunts.   Happily, that has not stopped Julie Golob, Mr. Colion NoirBeka Garris,  Dana Loesch, or Eva Shockey from asserting themselves as self reliant individuals who understand things like “the Constitution,” “the right to self defense,” and “ethically harvesting your own food.”

I doubt that Mike Weisser will discontinue his attacks on the non traditional hunters and gunowners speaking up for our rights.  I doubt that the Huffington Post will ever tackle the root causes of violence and I definitely do not foresee Shannon Watts noticing that outside of the inner city, America is less violent than the United Kingdom.

However, I will close with a few thoughts:

  • If Julie Golob is “bouncy,” is Mike reptilian?
  • Is it a sign of hypocrisy to lament that the average gun owning household may own more than ten guns but then point out that he owns “41 or 42” guns (apparently one is “sitting around somewhere in the basement or out in the garage” which means someone did not pay attention to the NRA’s gun safety program.  Please be a responsible gun owner and track your guns down and secure them, Mike.)  I suppose that senility might also explain such travesties of logic and blatant hypocrisy, no?
  • Julie Golob’s book is ranked at #126,839 in Amazon’s sales rankings at the time of this article’s publishing.  Mike’s last book is ranked at #3,332,186 (source).  I suppose that I should note that lower is better with regards to these numbers.
  • Claiming that “I know as much about guns and hunting as anyone. “ is not a good idea.  Someone might challenge you on that one, Mike.  Someone who actually hunts, who actually competes in the shooting sports, and is (gasp) female!  Maybe Julie Golob, maybe not .  Maybe Annette Wachter.  Uh-oh, another non-white, non-male gunowner to attack?  Quickly, off to the blog, Mike!
  • I also would not mind shooting against Weisser in a friendly contest.  I would not allow such an obviously angry character around my dog or my kids though.    Personal attacks show character, Mike.  You do not have the wherewithal to truly discuss the roots of violence in America so you sling insults and single out women (Dana Loesch and Julie Golob) and minority gun spokespeople (Mr. Colion Noir).  We get it, you feel threatened by guns and hunting going mainstream.  Your character is known.
  • We all genuinely hope that you find that missing firearm that you misplaced.

Whether you like it or not, guns carried by civilians have saved lives.  I am quite certain that the survivors of the Westgate Mall attack would disagree with Weisser.

News of the assault was beginning to spread via frantic phones calls, texts, and WhatsApp messages. Westgate is in the heart of a Kenyan-Indian part of the city, and the close-knit community there knew better than to rely on the authorities to send help. Instead, the call went out to the community’s own licensed gun holders, who were organized into self-appointed armed neighborhood watch units.

Harish Patel, a member of an outfit calling itself the Krisna Squad, was returning home from a morning spent volunteering at the nearby Hindu crematorium when he received a distress call: There was a robbery at the Nakumatt store in Westgate, with shooting going on. A couple of minutes later, the 43-year-old was within sight of the mall. He patted the pistol he wore on his hip and grabbed the spare magazine he kept in his car.

On the western side of town, Abdul Haji was in a business meeting at the Yaya Centre, another Nairobi shopping mall. The 38-year-old bitumen trader was sipping an Americano when his white iPhone chirruped. It was a text message from his brother: “Trapped in Westgate. Terrorist attack. Pray for me.”

Abdul abandoned the business meeting and rushed to his silver SUV in the basement. As he sped toward Westgate, swerving around cars and over sidewalks to cut through the traffic, he ran through a mental checklist: He had his gun, as always, a Ceska 9mm, but no spare magazine and no body armor.

He reached Westgate minutes after Nura and Harish.
“Where’s the SWAT team?” Katherine kept wondering as the hours ticked by. “Why isn’t somebody coming in here? They should be storming the place and getting us out.”

When somebody did come at last, it was one man (an armed citizen) with a handgun.

Also, more African Americans are carrying firearms for self defense.

Weisser’s blog will never lack for nasty personal attacks as more women are buying, using, and carrying guns.  I would not be surprised if he targets more of the new breed of gun owners whom are in the public eye such as Gabby Franco or Chris Cheng.



Dear Washington: I’m sorry, but you’re going to lose

Washington State is probably going to lose a big piece of the gun rights battle soon, because it looks like Initiative I-594 is going to pass. Now, I hope I’m wrong. I hope the polling data is wildly incorrect, and that the initiative doesn’t pass. But things aren’t looking good for Washington right now, and it’s because at least in that state, they’ve lost the language battle around background checks.


The problem with background check initiatives is that the language is really hard to control. “Background checks on all gun sales” sounds really good, especially if you’re swinging Paul Allen levels of money at low information voters. Yes, we know that internet sales and face to face sales are perfectly legal and actually aren’t a giant black market for felons, but how do you message that when the opposite side is dropping millions of dollars to sway low-information voters?

And make no mistake, that’s what will win or lose this ballot fight. It won’t be the dedicated pro or anti-gun people hitting the polls, it’ll be the Soccer Moms with their lattes and Ugg boots who vote for this. The media campaign I’ve seen for I-594 has been really good, which makes sense because the anti-gun groups have piled a ton of money into it. Just…all the money. This is how the fight is going to look now, and that’s unfortunate because it’s harder to fight at that level for us.

The NRA, and the pro-gun people always win when the argument comes down to facts. That’s why SAF wins in courts, that’s why we win when we fight legislative battles. But ballot initiatives are like winning elections, and they’re decided by the people. As it turns out, most people are pretty stupid and easily swayed by emotion arguments, and there’s nothing our opponents are better at than emotional arguments. I do have to hand it to those guys, they did a good job of picking targets this time. A ballot initiative in a state with a notoriously ignorant electorate about an issue that’s easy to disguise and mislead on? Well played, fuckers.

I hope in two months time I’m writing a post about how wrong I was.

Thoughts on ISIS

You can’t reason with a group like ISIS/ISIL. Regardless of the surface trappings, violent extremism like that can’t be stopped with humanitarian aid. History is a cruel teacher, but it’s shown us time and again that the only effective resistance for wanton cruelty and violence is the precise, targeted application of violence by a relatively just nation.

It’s like a rabid dog. You don’t kill it because you enjoy killing, you kill it dispassionately and professionally; by killing it you make the community safer.

Tl;dr – some folk just need killing.

Plastic Gun Ban Renewed

20131211-110439.jpgTen more years without plastic guns that might go undetected by X-ray machines and metal detectors. This is the ban congress renewed late on Monday night. There was little opposition to the renewal, and that includes comments from the NRA. There was however, a proposed change from a senator from New York. Sen. Schumer’s proposed changes included the requirement of adding permanent metal parts to make plastic guns more detectable. But the senator clearly misundestands that most “plastic” handguns have many metal internal parts, without which the plastic parts would add up to little more than a blunt object.

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Affordable Care is Actually Gun Control

I come from a generation of kids who see no shame in visiting a mental health professional when life gets a bit overwhelming. When I was young, and my father passed away, I went to a phsychiatrist for a while, and there’s nothing embarrassing about it. If you’re in your early 30s-late 20s and you haven’t struggled with the dilemma if whether popping an Adderall might help you get work done, or help your child do better in school (well lucky you) but, pardon me, you’ve been living under a rock!

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Preaching to the Choir, anti-gun people talking to themselves

20130923-110008.jpgWe’ve all heard the arguments from the antis, but one of the thing that I notice both sides doing, that drives me baty, is arguing with they’re own side. Please understand, I don’t mean in-fighting, I mean discussing the issues with those who already agree with your side, and then walking away feeling as though you’ve accomplished anything. I’ve seen this happen at the range, but it’s rare for me to glimpse the other side mimicing the behavior.

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Adam Kokesh: Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

Yesterday I published a hasty summary of my thoughts on the recent drama surrounding professional attention whore Adam Kokesh. I want to tease out a couple of conversations threads that developed in the comments on that post, starting first with a more thoughtful look on the entire situation. The first, and most important point I want to make is that I absolutely believe that after the video of Kokesh loading a shotgun in Freedom Plaza aired, he absolutely and 100% should have been investigated and, if sufficient evidence was found to prove he committed a crime, arrested. I also believe David Gregory should have been arrested for bringing a 30 round magazine into DC. Here’s the important fact: just because a law is unjust does not mean you automatically get to escape the consequences of breaking that law. Many civil rights activists were arrested, sometimes intentionally, specifically to bring attention to the injustice inherent in the system. So now, I don’t really have a problem with Adam Kokesh being searched and arrested. Do I have a problem with how the arrest was carried out? Yes, but a discussion of the militarization of the police is beyond the scope of Gun Nuts.

More importantly, I want to talk about my criticism of Adam Kokesh, and it’s something I alluded to in the first line of this post. Nothing about his past activism history or any of his publicly released material indicates that he’s involved in any cause for any reason other than “Get more attention for Adam Kokesh.” Which hey, I’m not going to judge people for making a buck, everyone has to eat. But when you set yourself up as a defender of the faith liberty, and start acting like you’re suddenly a leader in this movement, that’s where I’m going to call BS. Adam Kokesh isn’t how we win the battle for gun rights in this nation.

Look at Illinois. They have shall-issue concealed carry now. If you told me five years ago that I’d be writing about Illinois new shall-issue law, I’d have laughed in your face. That law wasn’t brought into existence by someone like Adam Kokesh. It was brought to life by thousands of citizens of the state of Illinois that you’ll never know, who called, faxed, mailed, and talked to their legislators. It was brought to life by hard working lobbyists from the Illinois State Rifle Association and the NRA who made sure that legislators heard the voices of their constituents. It’s not a perfect bill, but that’s okay. I asked yesterday in the comments “what’s the best way to eat an elephant?” The answer of course is “one bite at a time.” That’s what Illinois represents – a bite out of the elephant. We take more bites, fix the parts of the bill that aren’t good, because now we can do that. Instead of fighting in Illinois just to have the right to carry, now we can fight to make sure the right is extended as far as possible.

We remember Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks as heroes of the civil rights movement, and it’s well that we should. We don’t remember the thousands of people who worked to support King. We forget that Rosa Parks didn’t just one day refuse to give up her seat, but that she was an activist, chosen because the NAACP believed she was the best candidate to get through the court system. We forget the shoulders of thousands of American activists on which our legends are perched…and that’s okay. Those people didn’t want to be remembered, they didn’t want to be heroes. All they wanted to do was change their world, and they succeeded.

Today, as we’re overwhelmed with information on Facebbook, Twitter, and the internet at large, it’s much easier for people to find a platform on which to grandstand. People like Adam Kokesh don’t want to change their world. All they want is for the world to pay attention to them, like a spoiled child throwing a tantrum. It is a far better fate to be forgotten by history and have changed your world than to be remembered as a fool.

Open Carry: Doing it right

We’ve discussed the downsides of open carry in the last couple of weeks primarily as a means of getting people to think hard about the choices they are making and the practical realities that their choices bring. As is always the case when someone says anything that can be interpreted as less than absolute glowing approval of open carry, some folks got offended. It’s rather frustrating to spend hours coming up with a couple of thousand carefully chosen words only to watch even a relatively few people ignore most of them. So goeth the internet, I suppose…

Since we’ve discussed the drawbacks, how do we do open carry right?

1. Pay attention

I know the internet is filled with people who really do believe they’ve got razor sharp situational awareness, but it’s just not so. Complacency and inattention are as much a part of daily life for human beings as breathing. You combat this with deliberate effort. Situational awareness properly defined is actively searching out your environment to see what’s going on around you. You’re looking for people who are paying too much attention to you, people giving off pre-attack indicators (if you don’t know what those are, get ye to training post haste), and circumstances that favor an ambush. A common example is the door of practically any Wal-Mart. They tend to have a doorway that juts out of the building creating a couple of nice blind spots on either side that ne’er-do-well can use to conceal his presence, especially at night.

You’d be amazed at how useful a flashlight is for ruining locations for ambush. When someone lying in wait gets a beam of light in their face from 20 yards out it communicates very effectively that the jig is up and often just that action will be enough to encourage them to be elsewhere. In our Wal-Mart example, if I’m forced to exit on the side of the doorway most exposed to one of those darker corners I’ll just hit it with my light and see if anyone is hanging out there.

Now is this the sort of thing people should be doing anyway? Absolutely…but it takes on even greater urgency when you are openly carrying a handgun.

2. Use a proper holster

A “proper” holster means that it can’t be easily ripped off your belt, and that it has some sort of positive retention mechanism (some device that actually holds the weapon in the holster) to keep the gun where it is if someone does go after it. At a bare minimum, a thumbsnap…but I much prefer something like the Safariland holsters with the Automatic Locking System. The ALS system is relatively unobtrusive, doesn’t impact the draw very much, but does do a marvelous job of complicating an attempt to snatch the weapon out of the holster. This isn’t to say that it can’t be done, but it is going to slow the effort down considerably. If someone is trying to take your gun more time on your side is better than less…trust me.

Pulled from a post on a forum, this photo illustrates what happens when someone applies even moderate effort to a Serpa. They're sub-par holsters, folks...
Pulled from a post on a forum, this photo illustrates what happens when someone applies even moderate effort to attacking a Serpa. They’re sub-par holsters, folks…

I know what you’re thinking, but the answer is no. The Serpa doesn’t count. It’s a bloody terrible holster with more issues than National Geographic.

3. Get some training on weapon retention

This really isn’t optional. If you’re carrying a gun to protect yourself and yet have put no effort into learning how to defend the gun in case of a grab, you’re not helping yourself. I know some guys out there believe that their gun will scare away bad guys, but I’m telling you flat out that not all bad guys are scared of your gun. The ones who aren’t scared of your gun are probably going to require more persuasion to stop trying to kill you. This doesn’t mean you need to become a BJJ blackbelt, but it would probably be a fantastic idea to try and defend your gun in the training environment for the first time rather than in the real thing.

4….well, 4 is where we go into the territory of those who insist they’re carrying a gun as a political/social statement, and I fully expect that people who were mad at me for the previous posts will hate me all the more for the statements I’m about to make. They need to be said, however…

4. Be nice

If you’ve never heard of the Westboro Baptists, stop reading for a minute and go google them. I’ll wait.

(Author hums the Jeopardy theme music softly)

Welcome back! Now before you say anything let me ask you a question: What’s the first thought you had about the Westboro Baptists? Mine was “What a bunch of ***CENSORED***” In the United States we have, for now at least (that’s a whole other rant), the right of free speech and that guarantees the Westboro people the right to make absolute jackasses of themselves if they so choose. Look beyond that and ask yourself this, though: How effective do you think they are at turning their policy preferences into reality? Not very good. Partially because much of what they say is just ridiculous, but the American body politic has proven over and over again that ridiculous isn’t a disqualifier for public policy. One of the reasons why they don’t achieve anything is that their general behavior with 1st amendment freedoms makes it clear that they’re just a gaggle of jackasses. You have to be some special breed of jackass to hold up a sign that says “Thank God for IEDs!” at the funeral of a soldier who lost his life serving his country.

Now to unleash the hate: Mimicking their jackass demeanor and behavior doesn’t do our side any favors. If you’re going to open carry as a political statement then you’re making a political statement. Think really hard about what you’re doing and the message it’s sending. If you know you’re going out into public and you intend to open carry, try dressing nicely. A clean-cut person dressed in business casual or better will often find that they’re mistaken for a police officer. I’ve seen it happen to others and I’ve experienced it myself. Believe it or not, it’s a good thing to have the public at large take a look at you and assume you’re legally entitled to be carrying around that pistol. If someone assumes you are a police officer because you’re dressed presentably, have a polite public demeanor, and happen to be carrying a handgun it rather defeats the caricature of the wild-eyed nut with a gun.

Human beings make snap judgments based on appearance because it’s a useful skill. You can take full advantage of that by presenting a good public face that gives the person glancing at you every reason to assume “Normal guy.” If someone approaches you and asks about the pistol, be polite and professional when dealing with them. Look at it as an opportunity to educate. If someone does get hysterical and calls the police, (and you should absolutely be prepared for that eventuality if you’re openly carrying) be exceptionally polite and professional with the police officers. Cooperate. Be friendly. A well-dressed, friendly dude in Wal-Mart who just happens to be openly carrying is a non-issue to most police officers. Believe it or not, most police officers really do appreciate it when someone is polite and cooperative…especially if that person is carrying a gun.

The first time I got pulled over while carrying a gun was also the first time that particular officer had pulled over someone who was legally carrying a handgun. At the end of the stop after all the business had been concluded he said “You know, when I saw your permit I was a little bit worried about how this stop could go…but as traffic stops go this was one of the most pleasant interactions I’ve had with a member of the public.”

If your purpose in open carrying is to make a political statement, that’s how you make the statement, folks. You want people who interact with you walking away thinking “He wasn’t at all what I was expecting.” rather than walking away muttering “What a jackass!” to themselves. You don’t accomplish anything useful by living up to the caricatures painted by slimy media figures…so just don’t do it. You can be polite and professional and still exercise your rights.

One of the commenters on a previous article went to great lengths to get upset about being considered an “ambassador” for 2nd amendment rights just because he was carrying a gun. Well I have news for you, pal…when you make the decision to open carry you are an ambassador whether you really want the job or not. You’ll be the thing in the mind of the lower-information voter when they consider gun issues from that point on. If you have even a scintilla of concern for protecting 2nd amendment freedoms you’ll comport yourself accordingly. Attempting to inflict oneself on the world around them rarely produces positive results.

The VCDL, an organization I’m proud to belong to, recently did a series of protests on college campuses in favor of policy changes that would allow faculty, staff, and qualified students to carry on college campuses. The membership of the VCDL who attended these functions were openly carrying. The head of the organization, Phillip VanCleave, organized the events in careful coordination with the rules of the college campuses and gave out careful instructions about how members should dress and how they should conduct themselves at the event. It’s not a coincidence that one of the most effective pro-gun organizations in the country is deeply concerned with presentation and politeness. There’s a lesson to be learned there for those inclined to care about achieving something…

Don’t Tell Me, Mr. Mayor

20130326-161331.jpgToday I am returning from a trip to The Big Apple. It’s an amazing city; often called a melting pot. In this city, everything is at one’s finger tips; Entertainment, food, culture, all available any time, day or night. Life is pretty good when can get Thai food delivered at four am, mass transit is always steps away, and pedicures are available for $15 a pop. People come to New York from all over the world and they think, “This is America!” Therefore, it’s not surprising that New Yorkers also believe that they’ve been exposed to just about everything this country (and the world) has to offer. Continue reading “Don’t Tell Me, Mr. Mayor”