Run it ’till the wheels come off

Here’s a video of me shooting the IDPA classifier with a raw time of 50 seconds. The purpose of doing this was to shoot it so fast that I was basically out of control; I dropped a spectacular amount of points and finished terribly. But, the value in this is that I learned a max speed. After this run, I shot it again and pulled the speed back just a little bit – my raw time increased to about 65-70 seconds, but my points down dropped dramatically. Sometimes, you have to go out of control to realize how fast you’re capable of shooting.

Photo of the day: 2014 IDPA Indoor Nationals gear

2014 Indoor Nationals Gear

Top to bottom: Ruger GP100 Match Champion in modified Blade-Tech holster, TerraLux TT-1, Safariland Comp-III speedloaders, and 4Wheelguns.Com speedloader holders.

Ruger and Blade-Tech provided me their respective pieces of kit as part of sponsorship deals. The TerraLux is one of my favorite lights ever, and seems to disappear off my desk whenever I don’t keep a weather eye on it.