Photo of the day: “It’s for charity”


Want to dress basically however you want at a match? Do some charity work. It’s the perfect bullet-proof vest! “Why are you wearing that kilt to a match?” “It’s for prostate cancer research.” “Why is your holster pink?” “For breast cancer.” It’s perfect, because you get to feel self-righteous for basically doing nothing, and you get to make other people feel bad!

But in all seriousness, doing stuff to help raise money for good charities is always pretty rad.

Gun humor: what caliber for Cylons?

cx4 storm for cylons

Yesterday in the Space Gun Showdown the Beretta Cx4 Storm edged out the FN P90 as the more practical choice in the real world. I always thought it was amusing watching BSG that their guns of choice for shooting 8 foot tall killer robots were 5.7 pistols with underbarrel “grenade” launchers, and a pistol caliber carbine. I suppose that’s why they call it “fiction” though.