Jump-kick AK disarm

After Jet Li took apart Mel Gibson’s Beretta in Lethal Weapon 4, people on forums actually said that you shouldn’t carry Berettas because “the bad guy could take them apart.” Never mind that it was a movie and that the takedown lever is down in LW4, people believed it. How long until this video surfaces on Derp Central as “proof that AKs are inferior?”


Caption Contest Round 2 and Results

caption contest 2

Last week we had a caption contest. Because the photo was of Shelley Rae from SHOT Show, she was also the arbiter and judge of the captions. There were no winners. To be fair, at least one comment elicited a mild titter from me, but alas my gigglebox remains unkicked. So we’re doing it again! Caption contest rules: Caption this photo in a comment using either the FB comment machine or the comment system below. Comments must be posted before midnight pacific time on July 2nd. Winner gets a box of Hornady TAP .223 ammo.