It’s no wonder kids don’t know anything about guns

If this is the quality of the toy they’re expected to play with.


Reader Eric saw that for sale in a store in Chicagoland and sent the photo in. It’s pretty funny, in a tragic sort of way. Sure, it’s just a kid’s toy, but a magazine fed revolver? This is what happens when you outsource your gun shaped toys to China! A country with no gun ownership doesn’t know what they’re doing, we need to preserve our great cultural legacy of realistic toy guns and bring our water pistol manufacturing back home. American jobs for American Workers! MURICA!

Tuesday derpday: Steampunk AR15

steampunk ar15

Whoever did this to a perfectly good AR15: this is bad and you should feel bad. You’re a bad person. My only hope is that this was done to a garbage rifle, like a Bear Creek Arsenal or Battle Rifle Company gun. Maybe it’s an airsoft gun, in which case I won’t feel bad at all, because I know that it will be the loving property of a fedora wearing m’ladyboy.