Mike Weisser: Your Character Is Showing

Much like FoxNews and their token liberals, the stridently anti-Second Amendment Huffington Post will occasionally publish pieces from time to time by a “gun guy.”  That is literally how Mike Weisser self identifies to the world via his blog and his description at the HuffPo.  He confidently claims that “I know as much about guns and hunting as anyone“ which is good if you are say an antigun HuffPo reader looking for an appeal to authority to include in a heated discussion on Facebook.  However……it seems like an unsubstantiated statement.  We shall circle back to that later.  He also claims that guns are his “only hobby” which given the volume of his blog posts and articles seems misleading.  Gun control seems to be his only hobby unless that is just a facet of his disappointment regarding the ever growing diversification of hunters and gun owners.

Weisser’s blog entries are not works of statistical analysis such as, the truly enlightening and well researched work of AmidstTheNoise on YouTube but rather they follow a constant drumbeat of the following:

  • Assault rifles are bad.  No hunter needs them.  Hunting is what rifles are good for.  (Pay no mind to the troublesome fact that bolt action and lever action rifles were at one time cutting edge technology and used as……assault rifles.  In fact, let us completely forget that muskets were once cutting edge and military issue.)
  • Several personal attacks on Dana Loesch.  He appears to be obsessed with female gun rights spokespeople, more on that later as well.
  • He spends some time defending the oh-so altruistic nature of Mike Bloomberg and endorses Bloomberg’s other efforts to control what we put into our bodies.
  • He makes sure that you know he owns those guns that he does not like such as the evil AR15 and AK47.  The logic of this assertion is lost upon all rational people.
  • Mr. Colion Noir, the articulate and informed black gun enthusiast is focused upon as well.  I think I know why.  Again, more later.

Any moderately informed Second Amendment supporter would have no problem deconstructing his views.  The aforementioned “AmidstTheNoise” (Mr Billy Johnson) would crush “Mike the gun guy” handily in a debate.  Actual debate is not Mike’s way of doing things.  He does not want any debate, he simply wants guns gone.  The common thread in his writing is “the gun is the problem.”  Not “end the drug war” or “fix the inner city.”  Nope.  You will never hear a gun control activist speak about actually fixing the socio-cultural roots of violence because as Mr. Bloomberg reminds us, it is not about the people, it is about control.  The state will protect you, it will tell you what you may consume, and settling a dispute with a blunt object where the physically stronger always win and keep the weaker in line, is far preferable than using a gun.  I am not sure if it is moral cowardice or just a desire for more control in the lives of our populace but the gun control zealots never want to actually fix hotbeds of violence like Chicago or Oakland.

So yes, it is a depressing and dreary read when perusing Mr. Weisser’s literary body of work. The level to which he stoops with truly nasty personal attacks on people such as Julie Golob and Dana Loesch is something that makes you want to cleanse yourself afterwards.

Earlier this year, Weisser joined a growing contingent of antigun and antihunting writers that have one thing in common:  they very much dislike the growing trend of outspoken non-white, non-male gunowners and hunters.  I promised more on why he singles out Dana Loesch and Mr Colion Noir so here we go!

A friend sent me this “article” which was typical of Weisser.  Weisser has a real problem with the NRA producing and disseminating gun safety media, particularly to children.  Yes, the word “phony” is used.  He is referring to this video that veteran, shooting champion, and mother Julie Golob starred in.  Weisser is never one to simply debate facts, rather he complained that Julie’s message is “bouncy and joyful” along with complaining that the children’s testimonials in the video are “cutsey” and of course pointing out how the Eddie Eagle program’s message of “not touching the gun — leaving the area — telling an adult, which is then followed by a new lyric for the older kids involving telling them never to touch a gun unless being supervised by an adult, never point a gun at anyone and always assume that every gun is loaded” is “phony.”

One notes a pattern here.  Why no cutting comments about Mr. Colion Noir’s appearance from Weisser?  Weisser touches upon one female gun spokesperson’s appearance and obsess over Dana Loesch.  “Why” is that the antigun and antihunting people detest seeing anyone other than a white male hunting or using a gun, period.  “Why” is that the growing popularity across the sexes and races of hunting and gun ownership does not fit the narrative of those pursuits being the sole domain of the white male.

Witness the controversy over a teenage girl daring to hunt in Africa (actual death threats).  Steve Rinella wrote a truly excellent article about the obvious sexism displayed by those “protesting” the hunt and I encourage you to read it here (and to watch his show and to buy his books).  The antihunting and antigun people are seeing what they considered white male-only lifestyles actually transcend race and sex.  Their reaction is of course to launch personal attacks and outright witch hunts.   Happily, that has not stopped Julie Golob, Mr. Colion NoirBeka Garris,  Dana Loesch, or Eva Shockey from asserting themselves as self reliant individuals who understand things like “the Constitution,” “the right to self defense,” and “ethically harvesting your own food.”

I doubt that Mike Weisser will discontinue his attacks on the non traditional hunters and gunowners speaking up for our rights.  I doubt that the Huffington Post will ever tackle the root causes of violence and I definitely do not foresee Shannon Watts noticing that outside of the inner city, America is less violent than the United Kingdom.

However, I will close with a few thoughts:

  • If Julie Golob is “bouncy,” is Mike reptilian?
  • Is it a sign of hypocrisy to lament that the average gun owning household may own more than ten guns but then point out that he owns “41 or 42” guns (apparently one is “sitting around somewhere in the basement or out in the garage” which means someone did not pay attention to the NRA’s gun safety program.  Please be a responsible gun owner and track your guns down and secure them, Mike.)  I suppose that senility might also explain such travesties of logic and blatant hypocrisy, no?
  • Julie Golob’s book is ranked at #126,839 in Amazon’s sales rankings at the time of this article’s publishing.  Mike’s last book is ranked at #3,332,186 (source).  I suppose that I should note that lower is better with regards to these numbers.
  • Claiming that “I know as much about guns and hunting as anyone. “ is not a good idea.  Someone might challenge you on that one, Mike.  Someone who actually hunts, who actually competes in the shooting sports, and is (gasp) female!  Maybe Julie Golob, maybe not .  Maybe Annette Wachter.  Uh-oh, another non-white, non-male gunowner to attack?  Quickly, off to the blog, Mike!
  • I also would not mind shooting against Weisser in a friendly contest.  I would not allow such an obviously angry character around my dog or my kids though.    Personal attacks show character, Mike.  You do not have the wherewithal to truly discuss the roots of violence in America so you sling insults and single out women (Dana Loesch and Julie Golob) and minority gun spokespeople (Mr. Colion Noir).  We get it, you feel threatened by guns and hunting going mainstream.  Your character is known.
  • We all genuinely hope that you find that missing firearm that you misplaced.

Whether you like it or not, guns carried by civilians have saved lives.  I am quite certain that the survivors of the Westgate Mall attack would disagree with Weisser.

News of the assault was beginning to spread via frantic phones calls, texts, and WhatsApp messages. Westgate is in the heart of a Kenyan-Indian part of the city, and the close-knit community there knew better than to rely on the authorities to send help. Instead, the call went out to the community’s own licensed gun holders, who were organized into self-appointed armed neighborhood watch units.

Harish Patel, a member of an outfit calling itself the Krisna Squad, was returning home from a morning spent volunteering at the nearby Hindu crematorium when he received a distress call: There was a robbery at the Nakumatt store in Westgate, with shooting going on. A couple of minutes later, the 43-year-old was within sight of the mall. He patted the pistol he wore on his hip and grabbed the spare magazine he kept in his car.

On the western side of town, Abdul Haji was in a business meeting at the Yaya Centre, another Nairobi shopping mall. The 38-year-old bitumen trader was sipping an Americano when his white iPhone chirruped. It was a text message from his brother: “Trapped in Westgate. Terrorist attack. Pray for me.”

Abdul abandoned the business meeting and rushed to his silver SUV in the basement. As he sped toward Westgate, swerving around cars and over sidewalks to cut through the traffic, he ran through a mental checklist: He had his gun, as always, a Ceska 9mm, but no spare magazine and no body armor.

He reached Westgate minutes after Nura and Harish.
“Where’s the SWAT team?” Katherine kept wondering as the hours ticked by. “Why isn’t somebody coming in here? They should be storming the place and getting us out.”

When somebody did come at last, it was one man (an armed citizen) with a handgun.

Also, more African Americans are carrying firearms for self defense.

Weisser’s blog will never lack for nasty personal attacks as more women are buying, using, and carrying guns.  I would not be surprised if he targets more of the new breed of gun owners whom are in the public eye such as Gabby Franco or Chris Cheng.



Flawless victory!

Why in the world would we want to wait till the government does it to protest? It’s way to late by that point, so lets stop it while it’s still at the “opinion makers” stage, and go after it aggressively before it gets to the yellow stars.

In comments here.  Backstory: Joanna disagrees some of the rhetoric and hyperbole that’s been used during this whole kerfluffle with the Indy news establishment getting their database on.  She’s right in that to some people comparing this to printing a list of Jews or Muslims may seem hysterical, however at the same time is quite the apt comparison.

The Constitution makes no differentiation between freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to keep and bear arms.  They are all equal rights, equally enshrined in the bill of rights.  So printing a database that infringes on any of those rights is equivalently bad, regardless of which right it infringes upon.  However, the quote from Anonymous above really hits it for me – right now, the government isn’t doing this.  It’s the media, it’s private parties.  So we should protest it loudly now, because when the government starts printing lists of gun owners, we are already screwed.

Riddle me this, Batman

Herald Times stated that their database had nothing to do with gun control, right?  Then how come their gun permit database is being defended by a lobbyist for the number 1 gun control organization in America?  Aside from the fact that the HTO is afraid of taking the debate on the air and being exposed to scrutiny, for something that’s “not connected to gun control” having a gun control lobbyist defend it on Fox News puts a lie to those words.

This is why

I have gotten a lot of questions from readers as to why I’m so opposed to the Herald Times printing a database of handgun permit holders.  While there are plenty of reasons, the primary reason that I’m against this sort of thing is that it objectively fails the Jews in the attic test.  While Joe’s test of critical thinking was originally designed to be applied to laws passed by the government, it can also be applied to actions by non-governmental bodies, such as newspapers.  Simply put, would this action make it difficult to protect innocent life from a populace bent on their eradication?  It absolutely would.  A database of “undesirables” shows people which neighborhoods have high concentrations of that specific minority group, which can then in turn lead to them being targeted for persecution.

Yes, you can argue that gun owners != Jews, and you’d be correct.  However, the analogy is quite correct; because if it’s objectively wrong to persecute someone for being Jewish/homosexual/etc, then it is equally wrong to persecute someone for exercising their Constitutional rights.  Regardless of the risk to public safety, or my desire to have my information kept private, I would be opposed to the Herald Times’ database simply because it exposes gun owners to the risk of negative action from anti-gun individuals.

It’s not too much of a stretch – say your boss or someone at work has an ax to grind with you, and they decide to look up your street (since they have that info) to see if you’ve got a permit.  Pop over the Herald Times, they see that on AnyStreet Dr, Indianapolis there are 4 houses with permits.  Well, that’s facts enough for them!  Now you’ve got a permit, and next thing you know, you’re being accused of bringing a firearm to work in violation of company policy…whether or not you did or didn’t doesn’t matter, because someone had an ax to grind, and the Herald Times Online was only too happy to provide them with the wheel on which to sharpen their bit.

The Herald Times fires back

And misses by a wide margin, but that’s okay.  In light of recent criticism of their handgun carry permit database, the HTO published an editorial which “rebuts” all the points made by pro-gunners by saying “nuh-uh” and then calling the NRA a “big meanie”.  I haven’t actually blockquoted and ripped an editor in a while, so let us see if I can shake the dust off.  Here goes…

The NRA used its muscle against The Herald-Times last Tuesday, sending to its supporters an e-mail that was widely misunderstood by those who received it.

The e-mail took issue with the database published on HeraldTimesOnline.com that included minimal information about personal protection handgun permits held by people in Indiana. The NRA said the database treated law-abiding gun owners like sex offenders.

Translation: “The NRA is MEAN”.  In all seriousness, that’s just whining.  I just felt the need to point out that if you can’t take the heat, HTO maybe you should stay out of the database.

What a vast majority of the NRA supporters who contacted the H-T didn’t realize was that the data we made available to the public was much, much different than any information the state would make available on sex offenders. The comparison was inaccurate and incendiary.

Incendiary yes, but it was perfectly accurate.  The comparison wasn’t about the nature of the data published, but rather that you felt it was necessary to group law abiding citizens into a database so people could search said database and see how many handgun permit holders lived in their neighborhood.  The comparison was made even more apt when you originally placed the database in your “Crimes” section on the website, suggesting that the presence of handgun permit holders presented a criminal/safety issue.

A vast majority of them misunderstood, from what the NRA had sent them, that we planned to publish names and addresses, which was never under consideration.

Note: he blames the NRA for this, although having seen the NRA-ILA alert, it was never suggested nor implied by NRA that names or addresses would be published.  In fact, great lengths were gone to by myself and others to insure that this was common knowledge.  Way2Fail, HTO.

The article closes out with the usual shots at permit holders, that we’re paranoid about societal breakdown which is why we have guns, some of us are meanies, NRA members are angry, the usual tripe.

The problem isn’t that the published this editorial, it’s that the editorial is total crap.  This is the same line of reasoning that the editorial staff at the HTO has been sticking to since I emailed them, since Jim at 2nd Amendment Patriots talked to them – they maintain that their database is harmless and doesn’t endanger anyone; they further state that it’s not really like calling permit holders dangerous people.  In spite of all the contrary evidence presented by the thousands of pro-gun Hoosiers that have called in, they’re sticking to their lie.

Knife Fight!

It seems like the Obama adminisitration is trying to reclassify a “switchblade” as essentially any knife that can be opened with one hand.  Which would make well, all of my knives switchblades.  I’m so happy to see that while the type of tool they’re trying to ban isn’t guns this time, that the method of banning them by changing the definition still remains the same.

This really isn’t any different than the whole “assault weapon” meme that is often repeated.  You have an imaginary definition that covers a whole class of tools that you don’t like, then you simply ban things that meet your entirely made up definition.  Whether that definition is “switchblade” or “assault knife” or “muder-stabber” doesn’t make a difference; all that really matters is (to them) is that you don’t get to have one.

Blood soaked pubs!

I’ve been following Uncle’s coverage of the “Guns in Bars” bill in Tennessee, and was quite pleased to see that the TN House and Senate overrode the Governor’s veto, which means that law abiding citizens in the state of Tennessee will be allowed to carry their legally concealed firearms in establishments that serve alcohol.  The bill does make it illegal to consume alcohol and pack at the same time, which is a “common sense” prohibition that I generally support, especially if it’s what we’ve got to do to get carry laws expanded.

Of course, the other side is in the usual predictable hysterics over the whole thing, predicting that bars and clubs are going to turn into blood spattered recreactions of the OK Corral, or some such silliness.  Tam quite accurately mentions that Indiana allows bar carry (in fact, there are few places where Indiana specifically prohibits concealed carry), and yet aside from Pacers players (who didn’t have permits, btw) no one is shooting up bars around here.

Of course, none of that matters.  Someday, maybe when I’m old and gray, I’ll be able to divorce myself from logic long enough to think like an anti-gun advocate…but probably not.  See, in the universe that I occupy, murdering folk, brandishing firearms, and all that stuff that they’re worried about is still illegal

Post-Heller Histrionics

I have had a lot of fun reading the hysterics and histrionics from the gun control crowd post-Heller; Sebastian has a great link up to the New England Journal of Medicine where they are of the opinion that the Heller will somehow cause the streets to run with blood.

NEJM unfortunately bases their article on the Loftin study, which has been roundly pounded by other bloggers, so it’s not exactly what I’d call credible.

The last time I remember craziness like this was when the AWB sunset a few years ago – the mantra was almost exactly the same as it is now, just substitute “Heller” for “assault weapons”.and you’d get the same effect.

I guess I’m having a hard time believing Paul Helmke when he says that they like the Heller decision, since every single anti-gun org are screaming their heads off over it. Needless to say, it’s a fun show for me to watch.

Way to suck, ACLU

Thanks to Joe (the Man) Huffman for the link, it seems that American “Civil Liberties” Union has an additional post up on their blog clarifying their position on Heller.  Here are the meat and potatoes:

The ACLU interprets the Second Amendment as a collective right. Therefore, we disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision in D.C. v. Heller.

Honestly, there was a lot more to the blog post, but anything beyond that is just them applying fluff to their stated anti-rights position.  Joe really lit them up with a comment, and Sebastian says they’re never getting another dime of his money.  I’m in agreement with both of those sentiments, I think it’s appalling that an organization which purports to stand for civil liberties and the rights of the people would openly do the political equivalent of  jamming their fingers in their ears and yelling “nuh-uh!” over and over again.

So remember, according to the ACLU, you have a right to burn flags, display “art” which consists of religious iconography covered in feces, but they draw the line at keeping and bearing arms.

Student arrested for not having guns

I know that looks like a typo, but it’s not.  Thanks to Fits for the link, here’s the entire (very short) story from the local New Mexico station:

ALBUQUERQUE—A University of New Mexico student has been arrested on charges of unlawfully carrying guns on campus.UNM Police Chief Kathy Guimond says Kevin Boyar, 19, was arrested Tuesday.

No guns were recovered from Boyar’s dormitory room, but Guimond says officers found evidence that weapons had been in the room.

Guimond tells the Daily Lobo that police found guns and ammunition at Boyar’s parents’ home in Albuquerque.

The weapons included an assault rifle, a 12-gauge shotgun, a 22-caliber rifle and an action rifle.

Guimond says Boyar was arrested on camps without incident.

She says additional charges could be filed.

Aside from where it says “action rifle”, I’m sort of confused as to why they arrested him.  They found “evidence” that the guns had been in his dorm room?  What evidence?  A shell casing?  A pistol rug?  I have a hard time believing that they could conclusively prove that he had the guns in his dorm room,  especially since they then recovered the guns from his parent’s house.

Something about this arrest is rubbing me the wrong way – I can admit that if they have conclusive evidence that proves her broke a law, that’s one thing, but I have the strangest feeling that they’re arresting him without conclusive proof that he had the weapons in his room.