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AR15s are not finicky maintenance queens

A lot of people on the internet have this idea in their heads that AR15s are these finicky, maintenance queens that need to be constantly cleaned and scraped free of any bit of debris lest they suffer a catastrophic malfunction. There are lot of reasons why people think this, but suffice to say it’s not true. Our buddy John from Ballistic Radio, with the help of Knight’s Armament and Freedom Munitions decided to show you how not true that was, so he shot 15,000 rounds through an AR15 without cleaning it, then dumped an entire bag of sand on it. (some NSFW language, so use your headphones)

KAC SR-15 MOD2 Sand Dump Test AFTER 15,000 rounds without cleaning… from Ballistic Radio on Vimeo.

Photo of the day: Rifles* for things

arx100 arpistol and lamb rifle

Yes, technically one of these is a pistol. But they’re all awesome. Top to bottom:

  • Beretta ARX-100: Trijicon RMR, Troy BattleSights, Crimson Trace Railmaster, Troy Battlemag
  • SB15 pistol: DPMS upper, Magpul rear sight, Troy Battlemag, Colt BCG, Aero Precision lower
  • Troy Defense Lamb Carbine: Leupold 2-7 power scope, sexy 20 round mag

Mmmmm carbines.

Photo of the day: Smith & Wesson M&P15 MOE

M&P15 MOE - yamaha viking

Gun: Smith & Wesson M&P15 MOE with 20 round GI magazine. Magpul equipment in FDE.
Vehicle: Yamaha Viking VI
Scope: Bushnell AR223 3-9x40mm

This was a really great set-up for knocking around the backcountry of Wyoming looking for prairie dogs and jackrabbits to shoot. The short, 16 inch carbine was perfect for on the vehicle, easily accurate for shots on dogs at 200 yards, and with the scope dialed up to 9x you could actually see prairie dogs out to 400 yards…although hitting them at that distance was a little tough.