17 thoughts on “Today’s post is brought to you by the letter N”

      1. Can’t argue with that chambering or that reason, and Smith is making them again as part of the Classics series. I want one. They’ve got a Classics Model 57 as well, but I’ve already got mine. .A Smith in 41 Mag. is as American as Elmer Keith, Bill Jordan and George Washington. I think it’s best to have both.

  1. You should look into purchasing some N frame grips for your 629 instead of the L frame ones you have on there…

  2. While we are at it, a 6″ pre war Registered Magnum would be a nice addition to my collection.

  3. 25-2 was my first S&W. Still have it, still love it. I’d part with my PC 625 Miculek before I’d let the 625-2 go

  4. Appreciate your straight up reviews with self criticizing style of writing
    28,58, 29-4 with 5″ barrel unfluted
    28 – Never had a problem with 357 full power even in a 2 1/2″ 19 or 4″ 66
    58 – Is a handful with skinny no lug barrel, 41 mag ammo hard to find and very expensive
    29 – Decelerator grips and Hornady 300 grain XTP is doable for mid 60’s hands

    Thought about converting 58 to another caliber, stupid expensive for me
    Anybody want a 58?

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