Basic Pistol classes starting in South Dakota soon

After spending nearly a year looking for a host range we’ve finally found a range to host the classes that’s withing a reasonable driving distance of Sioux Falls. We’ll be teaching classes out at the Beacon Hill Club in Brookings; because of the time of the year there are only going to be a couple of classes, one in September and one in October. I’m working on getting the dates ironed out right now, but once I do I’ll have links posted to the signup page for each class.

Photo by Shawn Knight
Photo by Shawn Knight

Initially, I’m going to offer one class: Basic Pistol/Defensive Pistol 101. This is an entry level class for people looking to improve their skill with a concealed carry or home defense handgun. What will be covered in the class: the fundamentals of marksmanship, drawing from open and concealed holsters, reloading from open and concealed pouches, multiple shots on a single target and target transitions. Classes will be for a single, 8-9 hour day and will consume 300-400 rounds of pistol ammo. This is a shooting class, and will focus solely on manipulation and working the gun faster and more accurately.

What a student will need:

  • A functioning handgun (pistol or revolver)
  • Sufficient magazines or speedloaders to carry 30 rounds to the line
  • Earpro/eyepro, hats are optional but encouraged
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Ample water
  • Note taking device
  • 300-400 rounds of ammo
  • A holster that allows you to safely re-holster one handed (IWB or OWB)
  • Sufficient magazine pouches or speedloader holders
  • Concealment garment

A note on food – we will have a lunch break, however the range is a decent drive from any sort of fast food. I strongly recommend bringing a sack lunch, as well as de-lead wipes. Total cost for the full day class will be $150, which includes a $10 range use fee that goes directly to Beacon Hill.

If you’re interested in classes coming to Sioux Falls, shoot me an email at [email protected] to get on the mailing list for more information. I should be posting class dates and signups soon.

6 thoughts on “Basic Pistol classes starting in South Dakota soon”

  1. Sufficient mag pouches to carry all 30 rds at once, or your actual load out of a spare mag/speedloader or two?

    1. A shooter with a Glock 17, a mag in the gun, and a single mag pouch with a reload in it would meet the requirements.

      1. Revolver guy would need 4 or 5 reloads plus the gun depending on capacity, most single-stack carriers would need 3 or 4 extra mags. For good or ill, I only carry two reloads typically: 25 rounds total with my Commander, two reloads with a revolver.

        Throwing an extra pouch on is no big deal and a few extra speed strips in the back pocket isn’t a huge burden so I guess the actual question is: is the course of fire planned such that all 30 rounds should be “quick reload accessible” or just “present?”

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