Walther P38K


One of my favorite looking guns from history, the Walther P38k (for Kurz) is exactly what it looks like – a chopped down version of the venerable Walther P4 in 9×19. Interestingly, the P38k is not actually a chopped down P38. Rather, it’s a chopped down P4, which itself was a shortened/compact version of the P1. The primary difference between the P1 and the P38 was that the frames on the P1 models were constructed out of aluminum rather than steel.

5 thoughts on “Walther P38K”

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    1. I found exactly one of the WA-2000 in the museum to take pictures of, and sadly the shots didn’t turn out well enough for me to use them. I did take lots of other pictures though.

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  2. Probably easier to keep the lanyard ring (which doesn’t interfere with the designed role) than to design a new frame and grips for a low volume (comparatively) build.

    If they were going to redesign something more, I would have figured changing to a rowel hammer vice the spur, to reduce snagging when drawing from concealment.

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