18 thoughts on “My life in gun sales”

  1. Glock – for those who know simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

    Funny cartoon: thanks!

  2. LOL, nice! I can only imagine some of the crazy stuff you hear working at a gun shop.

    Speaking of 200 lumen bullet magnet… I just got a surefire 6PX. 🙂 Prepare for tactical l33tness.

    Also, XD FTW.

  3. Awesome.

    However, from the other side of the counter I heard a gunshop employee do the famous “the sound of the racking 12Ga will make crackhead jim give his life over to Christ” thing yesterday. There is tactical-stupidity on BOTH sides of the counter… every day.

  4. ROTFLOL! I thought for sure the Hi-Point reference would come a bit sooner. I thought that would be the first gun he said he wanted, but maybe I’ve just seen that (original) one with the iPhone 4 vs. HTC Evo too many times.

    Seriously, is it just improper .40 reloads that make Glocks blow up?

  5. Good stuff. I’ve carried a Glock on duty for years. It doesn’t care if it’s wet, gets whacked into the wall / b-pillar, or whatever, it always works. That and a little j-frame in the pocket.

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