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  1. Wayne says

    Its got to be the cocking of the revolver

    1. Don says

      Why? Only one bullet left. Long distance shot. I’d cock the hammer for that shot.

  2. Paranoid in Montana says

    Maybe the way the round pushed the bad guy clean off his feet?

  3. Tirno says

    Is it the way he cocked the hammer, but you can see the single round loaded in the cylinder is clearly visible from the front in a chamber other than the one under the hammer?

    Although the cocking of the hammer on a SA/DA revolver is a good example of Hollywood gun-wankery.

    Also, the instantaneous explosion of the blood special effect as the gun goes off mean Freddy must be loading those new Lightspeed™ Ultra-Magnum rounds with the antimatter primer. What, not even a fraction of a second to allow a cheaper 1500ft/sec round to travel 150 feet?

  4. Dave says

    Support index finger on the trigger guard?

    1. Dr. Feelgood says

      That’s the one I noticed, too. Though in the wider shot he’s fixed his grip.

  5. Ken Rihanek says

    It has to be improper storage of cocaine. The way he’s spilling it all over the place. What a waste. He should be shot.

    1. Tam says

      I LOL’ed. 😀

  6. MB says

    The “Bad guy” has a bandolier of .410 and rifle rounds, but is shooting a pistol caliber weapon (looks to be plastic/fake).

    Who would have a Python in a Uncle Mikes nylon holster?

    The round in the cylinder was visible then wasn’t later… Fredie put the gun in SA, then it was decocked, when he lowers after the first try… then it’s decocked when he raises it back up, only to be cocked again for the second try. And then he drops the Colt!

  7. Joe says

    I’m going to go with Asians shooting revolvers as your pet peeve.

  8. ChrisB says

    When he opens the cylinder, the one round doesn’t have a primer.

    But other than that (and the fifteen other mistakes mentioned), I thought it was pretty dang funny.

    1. Brice says

      Didn’t have a bullet either.

  9. Petey says

    I noticed his left, overlapping thumb sat just far enough from the revolver’s receiver that is definitely would have forced his aim high and to the left. Combined with those rubber Pachmayr grips and his his round should have struck the woman pushing the stroller across the street.

  10. Andy says

    Totally off topic, but is that the same retard that let a guy shoot a watermelon off his head with a .50 BMG?

    1. Jamal says

      That was a special effect, check the link after the video. Pet peeve could have also been the holster draw that swept allllllllllll the way up the side, endangering countless seagulls and squatters. It may also have been the bad-guy quick draw without getting shot part.

    2. Caleb says

      It is the same guy, except that the .50 BMG video was fake. No one was ever downrange of the .50 BMG, it was all done with special effects.

      1. Andy says

        Haha, thanks Caleb…was one of those things that just had me going WTF?

  11. Zermoid says

    So, you make a blog post to say there will be no blog post today? Right???

    What’s with the ‘thinker’ pose at the end?

    1. Zermoid says

      BTW, who would carry a defensive/offensive duty gun in a strap holster?????

      I use one like that for hunting, but the strap in not over the gun while walking, if I’m going down a steep hillside I’ll strap it in just to be sure it’s still there at the bottom, but mostly just the holster’s tension is plenty to keep it in place.

      1. Zermoid says

        Another thought, “Beach Justice”?
        Where’s the beach? Looks like they are on a rooftop…..

  12. Zermoid says

    Sorry for so many posts…….

    Is it the cameraman who passed right in front of the gun for the panning by shot?

    That to me was the worst part. Altho the round with no primer is a DUHHHhhhhhh thing too.

    And why does he only have 1 bullet? Did he only have 1 bullet to start with?
    I didn’t see any spent rounds, where did the (presumably) fired empty brass go? He’s chasing a guy, has evidently fired 5 shots and had time to remove the empty brass but not to reload?
    Was he too dumb to bring extra ammo? Just doesn’t make any sense!

    Now my head is starting to hurt too, THANKS A LOT!

  13. John says

    How about that awful presentation of the pistol? Holding both hands out and then clapping together at full extension, does not seem to me like an effective way of acquiring a good grip.

    Then again, maybe Zermoid hit it with the one-round-in-the-cylinder goof. Spent rounds do not usually leave revolvers on their own, and (as far as I know; I’m not a wheelgunner) you’d be silly to try to peel out the five spent cases while leaving the loaded one in the cylinder (especially since that round should be ready to go anyhow).

  14. wally says

    I’m just guessing and I have no idea of how its done in the correct manner as I have only held a DA Revolver but once . Any way I’m guessing its the way he opened the cylinder ,it looked like rough treatment on the parts and I have heard there is a correct and a wrong way to do it .

  15. Hat Trick says

    They didn’t sweep up the white powder on the roof between takes. You can clearly see the trail across the roof from previous takes.

  16. Shootin' Buddy says

    “I’m going to go with Asians shooting revolvers as your pet peeve.”

    No, that cannot be it. Caleb has the “Hot Asian Chicks Shooting Revolvers” DVD in his collection.

    Caleb’s Pet Peeve: Really sloopy gun handling.

    Solution: hire Caleb as Second Unit Director to supervise gun handling. After filming, back to Caleb’s hotel room to watch “Hot Asian Chicks Shooting Revolvers.”

  17. DJMoore says

    The Friend gets hammered in the chest with multiple rounds, and is still able to speak coherently without having blood spew from his mouth.

    I mean, “sucking chest wound” doesn’t remotely cover it. The poor guy basically didn’t have any lungs.

    1. DJMoore says

      In contrast, the bad guy goes down with a single revolver round.

      1. Bob H says

        Well, Duh. He is obviously not the Kingpin!. All the FPS games teach us that the low level bad guys are far easier to kill than the bosses! (and, the good guys will often take more damage than any bad guy while Kicking A.

  18. Roper1911 says


    actually, I do that a lot, partially because my wheel gun looks like a single action. and it has a really sweet single action trigger.

    its also a pain to reload, as it has a colt peacemaker style loading gate.

    1. Roper1911 says

      *I meant “you paid more for a double action” not single action.

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