Suppressed Ruger SR-556

One of other neat toys we got to play with yesterday was this gem that Surefire brought with them. While the event was sponsored by Colt (and I’ll have a post about Colt’s newest civilian market AR, which is legal in 49 STATES up later this week) Surefire brought a pair of Ruger SR-556 rifles that had been set up with Surefire Suppressors on them. Here, one of our instructors demos the sound reduction of the can – notice he’s not wearing ear protection, and honestly neither was I when I filmed this.

The sound reduction really is impressive. I had an opportunity to put 40 rounds through this rifle doing hammers while moving, and I can absolutely say that the combination of the Surefire suppressor and the Ruger SR-556 made an absolutely recoilless rifle. It honestly had no muzzle flip. This was an absolute blast to shoot.

8 thoughts on “Suppressed Ruger SR-556”

  1. What kind of ammo was used? Was it staying subsonic? I’m not hearing the crack where the ammo breaks the sound barrier. I’ve got a S&W AR 15 with AAC 7-62 suppressor and the muzzle blast sounds much lower on your video. The problem is that it is also difficult to tell how much noise suppression your mic is providing. I cannot imagine that there would be more than a 10% difference between suppressors – but perhaps I’m wrong.

  2. What model Surefire was used, I own a SR556 and I am also in the market for a Suppressor. I have looked at the FA556AR.

    Just trying to gather info for my purchase.


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