A tale of three Supers

One of these things is not like the others…

From NRA 2010
From NRA 2010
From NRA 2010

From left to right you have a Taurus PT1911 in .38 Super, a Colt Combat Government in .38 Super, and finally a S&W1911DK .38 Super. The Taurus is rather silly looking with it’s crazy gold accents, but it also carries a $600 price tag, while the other two guns carry $1k+ tags on them. And hey, you can get the Taurus without the gold accents on it, but there’s a part of me that kind of wants a ridiculous pimp gun and shoot it at Single Stack and ESP (since it’s a .38 Super). It’s okay to shoot a silly gun with gold accents…as long as you win.

The Colt Combat has an MSRP of around $1800, the Taurus is about $800 (with a much lower street price), and finally the S&W comes in around $2600.  If I had unlimited cash though, I’d buy the 1911DK in a heartbeat. BJ Norris runs one in Single Stack competition, and (in my opinion) the 1911 is actually better in .38 Super than it is in .45 ACP.

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  1. Actually, with all the drug stuff going on in Mexico, a gold accented .38 makes sense… Can’t folks with “proper permits” there can have non-military caliber firearms?

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