Hands forward AR grip

Tam is trying the method of gripping the AR made popular by 3-gun shooters – i.e. the support hand as far forward on the grip as possible, with the thumb pointing toward the target.  I started shooting this kind of grip a while ago, but I didn’t realize how much it improved transition speeds until I went out to Gunsite a few months back.  There, when doing rapid swings from target to target, having the hand that far forward allowed me start/stop the gun a lot faster than with my hand way back by the magwell in the more traditional “modern technique” style.

A good way to see the speed improvement with the hands forward grip is if you’re using a rimfire rifle; the lack of felt recoil really lets you rock and roll on speedy transitions.

6 thoughts on “Hands forward AR grip”

  1. Just wait, Tam. We’ll get out to Wildcat waaay up north sometime in August with the M&P-22 and you will absolutely BURN plates down. It’s sick.

  2. Heh. Actually, I need to get you and Shootin’ Buddy together for several trips to wildcat. Daddy needs to practice for Bianchi, and Wildcat is the only place within 100 miles with a legit mover.

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