Benelli Vinci Shotgun

The shotgun that was the subject of a lot of hype, rumor, and a pretty cool marketing campaign is finally here.  Say hello to the Benelli “Vinci”, the “next generation” of hunting shotguns:

The new Benelli Vinci marks a revolution in hunting shotguns. Benelli presents the fastest-shooting, softest-kicking, most reliable lightweight 12-gauge shotgun in the world. The innovative design of this semi auto shotgun raises the standard in firearms technology. Driven by a passion for efficiency and simplicity, Benelli engineers have advanced the cutting edge. The superbly balanced Vinci embodies a new way of looking at shotgun design. The revolutionary new In-Line Inertia Driven operating system, with superior reliability and lightning fast speed, is the simplest semi-auto shotgun operating system ever devised.

From 07M4tactical-12ga-Desert
From 07M4tactical-12ga-Desert

The new Vinci is available with either a 26 inch or a 28 inch barrel, in one of three finishes (realtree camo and tactical black are shown above). MSRP on the Vinci is around $1200-1300. Now if they’d only make a version with an 18 inch barrel and an extended magazine, I’d be really interested. However, if you’re looking for a soft recoiling 12 gauge shotgun for game, you probably won’t go wrong with the new Vinci, from Benelli.

Thanks to Steve at The Firearm Blog for the heads up.

3 thoughts on “Benelli Vinci Shotgun”

  1. Looking at their website, it looks like the receiver is integrated into the barrel. At first glance this looks like barrel replacement is a no go .

  2. Benelli always makes a great product, but this one is overly ugly. I dunno if they’re gonna sell many of ’em.

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