The Taste of Freedom

Tastes like chicken.

Only a short time ago the city of Fallujah served as stronghold for insurgents. Daily skirmishes, improvised explosive device detonations and public unease made operating a business in the city very difficult.

Today, with improved security throughout the region, the low price of 4,000 dinar, or $3.50, will purchase a full meal at the recently established Kentucky Fried Chicken in the Hey Al Dubat area of the city.

That’s so awesome it hurts a little bit, actually.

Plus, the fact that they’re opening a KFC in Fallujah of all places sort of makes it harder for the anti-war faction to claim that a) the surge hasn’t worked, or b) that things aren’t getting better – because let’s be honest, fried chicken and biscuits makes EVERYTHING better.

5 thoughts on “The Taste of Freedom”

  1. Actually, it does make the chicken better too. Seriously, have you ever eaten raw or undercooked chicken? Properly deep-fried in a giant pot of oil is a dramatic improvement. :p

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