Tactical Segeway

Best picture ever.

Chinese Tactical Team using Segeways as the latest and greatest tactical accessory.

I cannot image that would provide a very stable firing platform, but then again I never thought it would be a good idea to saddle up my scooter and see how well it soaks up the recoil from a 9mm.

13 thoughts on “Tactical Segeway”

  1. But, damn!

    Check out the lo-bujit soft nylon drop-thigh rigs. You can get those at the Indy 1500 for like $9.99…

  2. I would’ve tried to fit armor on those things. Put an armored shield on the front or something…

  3. First, no doubt they’re chinese counterfeit segways. No way they paid retail.

    Second… Wow. Just… Wow.

    I bet it was an awesome show, but impractical as hell…


  4. it is perfectly possible to fire a nine driving a segway. Or a mossberg 12 gauge. And you do not lose control.

  5. Og, you sound like you speak from experience. And I have seen a mall cop on a Segway at Casleton Square Mall in Indy.

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