The semi-automatic version of the KRISS Super V SMG.  I know the announcement is a month old, so this is definitely old news for some; and while I was sort of peripherally aware that they were offering a civilian legal version, it didn’t really sink in until I noticed an add in G&A this month.

I have never made a secret of the fact that I love pistol caliber carbines, especially for close range defensive work as a civilian.  They’re more accurate than handguns, but without all that pesky recoil that you get from full on rifle calibers.  The new KRISS Vector also takes hi-capacity Glock 21 magazines, which are rather easy to find.

There’s no information on price yet, but it’s probably not going to be cheap.  I will say that if you’re looking at getting a civilian FN PS90 (the civilian 5.7mm carbine), get this and a Glock instead.  You’ll be able to swap magazines and ammo back and forth, and your “tacticool” factor will be absolutely off the charts.

7 thoughts on “KRISS Vector CRB/SO”

  1. You know of the Medusa revolver, right? (That can fire numerous types of .357/9mm ammunition.)

    What there needs to be is a “Medusa carbine”. It would make a good companion to various handguns.

  2. The scary part of the referred to article is that it is only 38-state legal. Are there really 12 states where they prohibit a rifle unless you get “approval from the authorities”?

  3. The January 2008 issue of Shooting Illustrated magazine contains an article about the Vector CRB/SO. They give an MSRP of $1100.00 – $1300.00. The article itself was fairly lackluster and didn’t give very detailed information. I got the feeling that instead of a intensive test and evaluation, the author just went out and had fun with his T&E firearm.

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