Poor Robb

Robb wants a new gun. Seems Red’s Trading post is offering a spanking new S&W .460 Magnum for about $700, and they’re throwing in the S&W .22 Magnum Wood Pellet Smoker, of which I am the proud owner.

Now, unfortunately for Robb, he is married. Which means that like yours truly, and new gun purchase has to be begged for like a dog approved by my loving wife and Budget Committee.

In an effort to console poor Robb, I will instead link to all my previous posts about my Traeger/Smith & Wesson .22 Magnum Wood Pellet smoker.  It really is one of the best boytoys that I own, not only does it reward me every time I use it with a 2 foot high flame, but the food that it produces has literally no equal.  For something that I can toss in the back of my Subaru and take to a football game, or camping, or just use on my deck, the little Traeger has no equal.

One thought on “Poor Robb”

  1. That is one sweet price. Maybe he can put it on layaway. I was torn between the .500 and the .460 (which as we all know is a really really BIG .45), stumbled across some offers I couldn’t refuse and eventually wound up with both. Not brandy new because I have this hangup about buying anything new that has a Hillary-Hole, am working on getting over it, but both guns were shot maybe a cylinder-full and thats close enough to new for me. Sometimes. NOTHING beats NIB but when the price is screaming BUY-ME whats a guy to do.

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